"There she weaves by night and day / A magic web with colors gay."
~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Random Scribings of Meghan Brunner




Where fantasy and reality collide:

Faire-Folk Books - stories of wonderful, crazy characters running about Renaissance Faires and generally creating havoc and memories. (published modern fantasy)

A Bryn's-Eye-View of the MN Renaissance Festival - see the world though the eyes of an Irish lass-turned-Gypsy. (a story told through pictures. See also the Cult of Great Naked Potato. )

Been There, Burned That - the adventures of Thistlepouch Doorringer and her companions. (fantasy tabletop roleplay campaign)


And some fanfic from an animated childhood:

Mooncrystal: stories starring the Rescue Rangers

Lost and Found: astory about the Voltron Force (Lions version, of course)




cool Celtic graphics courtesy of http://members.aol.com/Cyrion7/celtic/