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~You had me from Hello~

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You had me from Hello.. (MP3)

by K.Chesney.


~Hello ~

When we first met there weren’t any sparks.

No red flags went up, no fireworks went off.

We exchanged hellos thinking nothing would come of it.

But through time we learned each other’s merit.

Being together we naturally began to share it.

Exploring one another’s minds.

Discovering each other like an archeological find.

Like removing layers and layers of earth.

Our feelings erupted like a birth.

Amazed and astounded by this treasure.

You indulged me and I gave you pleasure.

I saw you in a different light.

You wanted to be with me all through the night.

All of sudden your once ordinary eyes.

Now sparkle and shine and mesmerize mine.

You glaze at me and I feel alive.

I touch your hand and the response of love shines.

Who would have thought that this could happen?

We could have walked right passed each other.

But instead we were polite and said hello.

And from that momentous occasion a seed was sown.

Through time and enlightenment our love has grown.

All because of the singular word…Hello.

copyright Date: 30 December 1998


© By Dee Ann E. L. Horvath


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