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~Fly Away~











"The Zephyr Song "


Red Hot Chili Peppers






Ever since I saw you you've taken over my heart and nothing makes any sense whenever we are apart
You promised we'd stay forever
And live in sweet harmony
But slowly you start to loose
All your love for me I cry at night sometimes still
But I had to let you go

So flyaway and I will see If you come back, it was meant to be I dream of the day
When you hold me in your embrace I'm sure the tears would come
Rolling down my smiling face I'll wait forever my love
I wouldn't know what to do I can't have anyone else?
No one can love me like you I?ll treasure every moment
And love you better than before
But I can only do this If you only come back for more
I really didn?t know There was a word like eternity
Until I meet you, my love I?ll wait for you, endlessly


By Michelle Gaure AKA poet

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by Drifter.