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***Wild Hearts***

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Wild Hearts


heart pounding,

hands light but firm on the controls you lift the plane off the tarmac.

Finally your racing with the wind. High above the earth you fly.

Freedom from the crushing weight of the world you just left.

Where the walls seem to be closing in faster with each breath you take.

Up here all is forgotten for a time,

an almost unnatural peace settles around you.

Then something catches your sight off to the far left and slightly below.

A lone eagle.

Majestically he soars, when he makes his next dip you match it,

and the dance begins.

Each move he makes you make. Till it seems that your making them simultaneously.

Now you feel yourself becoming one with the untamed. You know he senses you, as you sense him. Wild hearts beat together.

Then the eagle goes into a dive, down, down, closer to the earth.

Mesmerized you follow. So close to the earth, yet still he dives.

For a heart stopping moment you think "this is it, the end!"

Then he gracefully swoops back up.

You pull up hard, whispering "climb, climb."

Beads of sweat gather on your forehead.

Finally you gain control and soon level out.

You peer out into the coming darkness and see he's still there,

gliding along side of you.

He seems to tip a wing to you, you do the same.

Your eyes stay on the eagle as he then flies away, disappearing into the night.

You land with new insight,

as you realize that some wild hearts aren't meant to be tamed.

You can visit his world, but you belong down here, on this one.

Yes heartache and pain may abound, but life is precious and in that one moment in the dive,

it was he that tamed your wild heart.


~~~Crash and Burn~~~


Savage Garden


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