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~In the Valley~


Song of the Bandit. (MP3)

by M.Robbins.

~The Dream~

I have a dream that's always the same...
It's raining and dark but I know
that the cowboy is there standing far off;

In the cold rain.
The lightening rips through the sky..
blinding to my eyes...
and the thunder
crashes around deafening my ears
with its shear force
of sound.

In the lightening strikes,
I can see
pelting off his midnight-black duster coat
and streaking off his felt hat,
my torrents of pain.

I'll always long to reach
those piercing, haunting eyes
and feel those strong arms
intertwine with mine.

In the heart-wrenching moment that I wake...
shaking, drenched
in a cold sweat because I know,
that the nightmare never ends
and my beloved cowboy
will never come out of the rain.

Kara Bunker


copyright 1999

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