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This is your haven, your sanctuary. Come here my child and find rest. Lay down your sorrows and miseries. Put away the worlds trials and tests.  
  Be at peace if only for the moment. Let not the world so rudely intrude, but give your mind wings and take flight in this time of need and rare solitude.
See what can be. Dare to dream! Then my child keep the dream safe and alive. Let it seek shelter inside your warm tender heart. Be true to your dream. Let it thrive.  
Hate and spite will only spiral you down. Learn to smile against those that conspire against you. Give yourself up to the glory of hope and love. In this way you will have your dream if you so choose.
For now and always my child know this: In the end you will win, no matter the pain. For what you seek is pure and true, and what you are going thru is not in vain  
.......Cady (DEP) Though you do not understand, I do. Now I give to you the 11th commandment. You are my child, I love you, I do! On this day it is now written: Honor thy Children!





















11th Commandment