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~Saddle Tramp~


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Saddle Tramp (WAV)

by M.Robbins



You didn't look me over,
You sorta looked me through!
It was plain you were takin
in the fact I'd come to you!

You begrudged me a drink of water,
You didn't offer chuck.
Your fence and I both needed work,
We both were out of luck. 

I told you of the spreads I'd worked,
from Texas to Idaho.
You asked if I was such a damned good hand,
Why did they let me go?

You said, "I've often seen your kind,
drifting here and there.
Working any season,
never getting it square.
Working for next to nothing,
never taking a wife.
Eking a grim satisfaction,
Out of living a drifter's life.
I won't be party to your misery.
There isn't a job here to buy!"

The smile that played across your face,

Just added weight to the lie.

I didn't take it too personally,
I'd seen your kind of old!
In by the light and the fire.
Me in the storm and the cold.

You in church on Sunday,
dinner on Sunday night,
Me, like the wolf in the shadows,
skirting the edge of the light!

Taking whatever you throw me,
begrudging you none of your own.
You, living high on the back strap,
me, living close to the bone.

You with the pompous attitude,
couldn't see doing no wrong!...
Me with my pride in my belly,
trying to get along.

There wasn't no use in persisting,
I was dealing out of my class.
I thanked you for the water,
you wouldn't touch the glass!

I couldn't help but notice,
your smile as you watched me depart.
Me, with the storm on my shoulders,
you, with the storm in your heart.

  Ben  McKenzieİ1999  

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