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To near the village creeps closer growing fast to reach the nearer kingdoms I meet my neighbors thru my labors by lending an ear and thru the magic of touch we find healing together My world is small my own Forever am I young and naive a damsel who lives by the water in the pale moonlight the lady of the lake shimmers amongst the ripples as light changes the mood of the water in colors of delight and deer approach my land to feed and rest, hawks soar above. Too slowly the castle is being built My strong knight he sleeps beside me in the dark and protects me with his life for I am fragile yet he gives me space for I am strong While he slays dragons I grow lonely in my tower day after day my beauty fades Knights that chance upon me would they still smile at my sight Look into my eyes and want to probe their depths And if their hands and eyes were to seek for pleasure would these knights turn away at the scars life has inflicted upon my body So on this mental string that reaches thru the miles that I wander and wonder of you.

...Queen Cady

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To Castle MoonShadow

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