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In a land far a way a prophet made his home. In dreams his goddess spoke to him, giving him instruction to find a special baby and bring her to the temple. He traveled far and wide with no luck. Then as prophets are want to do he was not paying attention to where he placed his feet and stepped into a shallow hole in the ground. He went tumbling headlong for what seemed eternity. Finally coming to rest, he looked about, eyes widened in disbelief, here in this wild place where no man made his home he had found a grotto. The ground had been cleared of bracken, and all around him grew wild roses. The perfumed air was thick and heady with a holy presence. After making it through a tangle of wild rose he came to a small pool of fresh water that bubbled up from the ground with a pretty musical sound. Intermingled with this sound was something else. The soft gurgling of a baby. He found her on a blanket covered in rose petals. Looking into her big black eyes his senses were overwhelmed, in that dark gaze was a holy fire. He returned home and to the Temple Of Isis. The child was named Rose. For the grotto she was found in and the curious fact that her skin, even when she had just been bathed, the soft scent of roses clung to her.

As she grew older many skills were noticed. She was able to call forth wind, rain, fire, and oddly enough was able to hide herself from others. Not make herself invisible per se, but to make her appearance dim. Rather ghostlike. She grew into a graceful young woman, small of stature, even for those times. Her face and manner gentle yet regal. Rose spent her days giving prophecy to petitioners. People came from all over the land. Then years later a few men in the guise of poor beggars came to the temple to wreak havoc on the witch. They slew the priestesses as they came upon them. Roaring that they would destroy the witch. Rose who slept in the inner sanctum at the feet of the statue of Isis was awakened by the screams of her protecters. Then among the screaming and chaos something amazing happened. It was not Isis herself but another god, Anubis who appeared. Anubis the god of the underworld and the dead. All the fighting stopped immediately and they all just stared as the god took Roses into his arms. The remaining infidels each dropped dead with a glare from the god. Then, as quiet descended upon the priestesses the god spoke softly to them. "I will give your Rose back to you for all time" With that the god layed a soft kiss upon Rose's lips, set her down and faded into a mist.

Again we learned that Rose was in grave danger. They came in the dead of night and carried her away. Then we did not know they were vampires. Only that they were immortal and evil. For years they kept her as their "pet" sorceress. They then decided that it would be to their advantage to make her a blood drinker as they were. Unfortunately this turned out to be a great mistake. The blood when it was forced upon her yes increased her strength, and amplified her abilites but it also drove her to madness. One of the younger men pled her case so she would not be torn apart and cast to the far corners of the earth. He was granted leave to do with her as he wished. Over the passing of time Rose has grown accustomed to the blood and the madness receded. Though her desire for it is sporadic at best. Over the long years of their relationship she grew to love him deeply. Though in dreams she foresaw the embittered rage filled creature he is to this day. One night she went to him with a heavy heart. And naturally as fate would have it she was right. He had himself fell into a madness for the lust of blood. He argued with Rose to use her gifts for him. She refused. He then brought out a poisoned blade, and struck her repeatidly. Rose could not destroy her love.

So, pained unto death she staggered from that place with only the bloodied clothes on her back and a broken heart. She fled to the only place she knew herself to be safe. Heliopolis. Where she had heard here lay the remains of the Temple of Isis. Here she found family and stayed as content as her dreams would let her.


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