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"Ghost Rider"

by "M.Robbins"

Cowboys In The Mist

If you walk the empty streets
as the day begins to end
you can feel their presence
riding with the wind.

If you listen to the silence
with your soul and not your mind,
you just may find yourself
at another place in time.

If you stare at the dark horizon,
see the lightning so intense,
you just might catch a glimpse
of the Cowboys in the mist.

Distant thunder rolling
across the open plains
captures my attention
as I search through the rain.

You stormy night
I thought that I would risk
a chance that I could see
the Cowboys in the mist.

I wandered through the broken town,
down the streets alone.
It all seemed so familiar
like a place I should have known.

The storm was drawing closer
and I needed some place dry.
I noticed a run down stable
so I led my mare inside.

Just as I secured her reins
to a nearby hitchin' post,
a chill ran through my body
and I could feel someone was close.

And as I turned to shake
the cold rain from my hair
I found myself locked eye to eye
with a cowboy standing there.

His eyes burned flames through me
as he slowly tipped his hat,
and briefly for a moment
I forgot where I was at.

"Nasty storm to weather alone"
he said with a devilish smile.
I found myself secretly wishing
the rains would last a while.

Hours seemed like minutes.
Time disappeared so fast.
Too soon the winds had eased
and the worst of the storm had passed.

As mysteriously as he entered my life
he was gone with one sweet kiss.
He mounted his horse and I watched him ride
slowly into the mist.

Now every storm that passes
finds me here again,
wandering through the downpour
searching desperately for him.

I know that he is out there.
I feel his touch on my skin.
I still feel his embrace
surround me with the wind.

So I'll walk these empty streets
and I'll listen to the wind
and I'll dream about his eyes
until I feel his touch again.

I'll tremble with the thunder
just as my body with his kiss,
and I'll search the dark horizon
for my Cowboy in the mist.



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