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How Do We

silent observer
intent to serve
forever listening
always hearing
He waits...
He sees....
He acts....
like Gary Cooper
Jimmy Stewart,
goodness, respectfullness
loving all rolled into one.
white hat hangs on lone post
His hands wring silent concern smoothing pains, posing cure
low purposeful voice and tone
harkens in the dusk
only when trouble's nigh
and when night falls
bet Your last dollar
this ranger is nearby.
so tender in his laughter
so warm is his embrace
women seek to befriend
him and sleep with folly
in his place......
pray He never turn nor
pray He n'er fold misunderstood
for if this were to happen
the world would loose what's good.
The man who stands so straight
the one who rises to the call
the person denying righteousness
while answering heavens call....
think one and all this day
as You plant Your Do We admonish these
men of rare and wonderous breed?
what lies
in the future...if goodness we dont
honor and men of well intent to heed?

(written by em_)

Dedicated to -.EntalZah.-

from em_ and Cady