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Edge of Forever
Standing on the edge of forever.
Holding hands we turn our eyes to each other, gazing deeply.
With a soft smile from one and a wicked wink from the other,


we take a step forward....... lightening.
Before us stands are home forever.


We open our hearts to all who come to the Edge of Forever.
We welcome you to our humble home.
I hope as you visit you will find peace and joy here.
Laughter and fun. Real people with real feelings.
The only games are those of board games or wit of conversation
We do this for the playful companionship. It is not of winning, of losing or of hurting.
We wish you love and happiness, for that is what we have to share with you - Our Friends!


eAfter roaming thru our home take the time to:
Enjoy our Realm of Pangea made by our Queen Shyann.
It's protected by our leige Emperor Anthony of Genesis.
Then there are the lands of Sir Drifter to get lost in.
Or visit the birth place of Princess Cady at the Castle MoonShadow of Realm of the Moon.


Edge of Forever