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~To Guide Me Home.~


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Music by Lene Marlin

~~~Return back to me~~~

Open your eyes up to the sky
See the wars and you ask "Why?"
"Why do I allow the person I love to fight for a 'just cause?'"
"Why do they all suffer for that 'just cause?'"
I look down upon the Earth, to what I left behind.
I look down and see the face of one girl, crying.
My body turns to sheds, my heart rips in half
If only I could see you and once again laugh.
Enjoy the pleasures of life again, have the feeling of being loved.
Whenever I return, I look back to the sky
I wish for no more war, no more heart breaks and cries.
I hope that one day I do not die
Without ever saying to you my "Good bye."

~Poem by "Liz"~

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