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Happy Birthday DarkRose

Princess DarkRose

Our sensual wild rose that became apart of our garden
From her very first days she brought her love and kindness
We can only wish that this day of all her days
brings her laughter and most of all much happiness.

CMS RM from the first always claimed the rose as ours
the silver quiet rose of the day that turns blood red by the moon
that talks of the eternal love that is within all our reaches
for a while our special rose forgot it was within her reach too.

But know, you're our most cherished and prized of all our roses,
that it is the constant giving of your love that has kept us together
you're our own quiet rose, always are we wanting your presence near.
To share some time with you makes each of us feel better.

I know that in this last year alone it has been filled with too much fear.
We hope in someway in return we have given you reasons to hope.
Dearest Rose its well known that all roses have need for the feel of tears
to grow, to learn, to help others and to yourself learn to cope.

Happy Birthday Rose!
Happy Birthday from all of CMS¤RM
We love you! your side always,
your family (CMS¤RM)
special hugs and a few smoochies
you know from whom!

Wild Flower


Happy Birthday Sis <hugs>

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