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"There Is Nothing"

by "Gabrielle"


Sometimes, when it's late at night,
and I'm up roaming around.
I wonder what the future holds,
in this new existence, I have found?

I reached the stars, then had them fade,
To became a memory, that's left behind.
My name, no longer lingering,
in the corners of his mind.

Will anyone be able,
to tear down the wall, he hides behind?
Will they see what I see,
a man so gentle and so kind?

His world is closed to everyone,
he just won't let me in.
He shuts out everyone he knows,
Even me, a so called friend.

I don't know about the future,
I don't even know about today.
I only hope someone can,
earn his trust someday.

I wish that I could be the one,
to give life, back to him.
To give his life a meaning,
and to help him trust again.

I want to see him free,
to really love, and to live.
I know that I can't do it.
I've given all I have to give.

Now and forever, I'll be his friend.
There's nothing more, that I can do.
From the depths, of my being,
I will be someone, loyal and true.

It's not enough, for him I know,
It will take someone, better then me.
My prayer is that he'll find her,
and dear God, please set me free.

Erase him from my dreams at night,
remove him from my mind.
Help him to find, what he really wants,
and help me to forget about all of mine!

by "Kitty"

by Drifter.