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Heliopolis - The Home of Ennead ( The main group of gods/goddess worshipped here.)

Ra/Re Sun Goddess
phrajil aka Ra

The greatest ennead was that of Re/Ra and his children and grandchildren . This group was worshiped at Heliopolis, the center of sun worship.The only important god who was worshiped with consistency. Re/Ra was often symbolized by the a sun disk over the head. Or a hawk/falcon for flying over the horizon and also as the scarab for being born each morn and dying each eve. Thus Ra/Re was also associated with death.

Ra/Re the sun goddess/god creator of all the gods ...rose up from nun (primeval waters) and created heaven and earth and all the other gods. Then Ra/Re's tears created humans. For each action the gods do, their names can change ... so it gets a lil confusing when you research them.

But Ra/Re was one of the most popular and long lasting goddess/god. And was one of the only ones worshipped in both upper and lower egypt. Heliopolis being the center city of worship of this Ennead.

Ra/Re started taking hold in the 2nd dynasty thru the 10th dynasty,one of the longest lasting gods. Then the capital of memphis decided they wanted more prestige then Heliopolis, and made their own gods..but mainly all they did was change the names of the same gods - perhaps not to anger the gods.

Guardian Demi-God
G.uardian aka Sir G

Our Guardian and demi-god, guards all that dwells inside with the help of the phathom guardians. If you turn quickly, sometimes you can get a glimpse of them. Our Guardian demi-god's main job is to protect the core goddess'es and gods. Mainly Ra/Re, as they are romantically involved. He met Ra years ago and vowed to protect her at all cost.

Goddess of Destyni
Destyni aka Des

Shait is the Egyptian goddess of human destiny (the destiny and fate of all gods was also in her hands). Invisible, Shait observes a human's virtues and vices, crimes and secret crimes. Based on her intimate knowledge of each person, she spoke the final judgment of the soul at a human's death. Against her evidence there was no appeal. She was respected by the Egyptians as the master of their fates, the one who decreed how long they would live, and who would be with them when they faced their final destiny.

The Goddess of Destyni is the one who is prayed to and called upon in seemingly hopeless situations. From the Beginning of Time She knows everything which happened in the past, happens at the moment at any location in the whole world and what will happen in the future. Therefore she is often also refered to as the Goddess of Time, Being and Becoming. Often she wore a beautiful human form with flowing hairr and bright grey eyes and whoever encountered Her, encountered joy and hope beyond comparison, and when people thought about Her and prayed for assistance She often granted the worshippers their dearest wishes. As in these days as Guardian over Destiny and Time, she also had the power to shift reality and to change people's lives through her godly will. She took pity on the lives of many and changed reality whenever She felt the need to do so.

God of Balance and Death
Kil - Anu aka Kil

Anubis was Keeper of the Balance .... Guardian to the Path of the Dead..... God of Embalming.... Keeper of Potions and Esoteric Knowledge

"With a slight cough, Anubis walked up beside Shait/Destyni, scaring her as always with his silent and unannounced appearance. "How does the mortal fare" the siblant growl of the Keeper of the Balance and God of the Path of the Dead sends a shiver into Destyni. "He approaches now" she replies. Watching the scrying basin, the very faint ripple at the edges show the quicksilver waters and the image of a lone male walking thru a forest, approaching a clearing. Silently the God and Goddess watch the scene unfold, yet even unknown to them, would be the exact results of the next few moments.

A snarl appears upon the normally calm and cool visage of Anubis, as in the scrying basin, the minions of Set attack the lone male. At first, the male seems to have an edge, as he shifts into something far more menacing... something that in some ways, almost reminds unlearned observers of Anubis himself... but then it becomes apparant that this mortal is losing. Shait/Destyni softly makes a motion with her hand, setting into motion powerful magics... just as Anubis does the same, although in a different manner... Even the mighty Thoth, teacher, master scribe, and holder of knowledge could not have foreseen the Anubis vanishes, the scrying basin shatters, Shait/Destyni falls into a faint, and the magics... the magics somehow alter, twist, change... and the mortal form of Kilrak is whisked away from the minions of Set. Much later, Kilrak awakens, wondering what is going on....just as Anubis awakens as well, and the two suddenly realize, they are not alone within thier own minds.....


  Goddess of Roses
Darkrose aka Rose

The Goddess of Roses is a prophet, sorceress, vampire.

She is able to call forth wind, rain, fire, and to make her appearance dim. Rather ghostlike. Rose would spend her days giving prophecy to her people. At one point men came to destory her and Anubis appeared. Anubis the god of the underworld and the dead. All the fighting stopped immediately and they all just stared as the god took Roses into his arms. The remaining infidels each dropped dead with a glare from the god. Then, as quiet descended upon the priestesses the god spoke softly to them. "I will give your Rose back to you for all time" With that the god layed a soft kiss upon Rose's lips, set her down and faded into a mist.

Later men came again, kidnapped her. A clan of vampires. To use her as their "pet" sorceress. They then decided that it would be to their advantage to make her a blood drinker as they were. Unfortunately this turned out to be a great mistake. The blood when it was forced upon her yes increased her strength, and amplified her abilites but it also drove her to madness. One of the younger men pled her case so she would not be torn apart and cast to the far corners of the earth. He was granted leave to do with her as he wished.

Over the passing of time Rose grew accustomed to the blood and the madness receded. Though her desire for it is sporadic at best. Over the long years of their relationship she grew to love him deeply. Though in dreams she foresaw the embittered rage filled creature he is to this day. One night she went to him with a heavy heart. And naturally as fate would have it she was right. He had himself fell into a madness for the lust of blood. He argued with Rose to use her gifts for him. She refused. He then brought out a poisoned blade, and struck her repeatidly. Rose could not destroy her love.

So, pained unto death she staggered from that place with only the bloodied clothes on her back and a broken heart. She fled to the only place she knew herself to be safe. Heliopolis. Where she had heard here lay the remains of the Temple of Isis. Here she found family and stayed as content as her dreams would let her.


All that is written here is either based on fact, has very little fact, or no fact at all.

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