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In Shadows Donít Reside

Freely I admit I love the light
it is divine
joy and happiness
canít describe
the way I feel
deep inside
from the shadows
intrudes a voice
ďso does dark
love the light,
after all
does not the night
chase after light?

It beckons me
to take a seat
to contemplate.
It doesnít sparkle
nor does it shine
but seems to help refresh the mind.

So in the shade
here I reside,
to rest awhile.
With a start
I awake
sit up to take my leave
the darkness is complete

with twisted logic
it will deceive
once you enter
no one leaves
absorbed by dark
our bodies are
no more

The void is real
itís hunger
canít be quenched
we wait
for anther soul
to take
the darkness is complete

.....phrajil (DEP)


This page dedicated to another lost soul.


"We can let circumstances rule us,

or we can take charge and rule our lives from within."

- Earl Nightingale


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