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  A Friend in Heaven

With a tear stained face its taken a while
but finally I can look heavenwards with a smile
Our long talks I thought were gone
Nay, just more personal - one on one.

I have a friend in heaven.

I see now you were a mortal angel.
Never meant for long on earthly ground to dwell.
Your mortal body a fragile shell,
on a quest so much more worthy then the holy grail.

I have a friend in heaven.

All things end. All things begin.
This I know, you will never leave us again.
You have been forever stamped in our hearts,
and that is something distance can't keep apart.

I have a friend in heaven.

I can't see you but I know that you are near,
keeping close to all those that you hold dear.
So I know we'll keep in touch forever more.
Isn't thats what friends are for?

You have a friend right here.

..... Cady (DEP)