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King Drifter's and Queen Cady's Royal Chambers


Guest Bedroom & BalconyRoyal Council ChamberHigh Chancellor-Quinn MoonShadow's Office and ChambersChief Counsel - Kilrak Bloodfang's OfficeCastle MoonShadow's Ghostly Paint ShopA Garden of AngelsEntrance To Royal CourtyardTo Dungeons, Games, Wolf Den etc.Royal BallroomPool etcs- enjoy and have funPorcelains Bedroom.


Introduction to Castle MoonShadow
Realm of the Moon

(If ye listen to this ye will know that all lands of CMS¤RM and those connected are all NCZ/NKZ)



Tag UR it!!



I know that for some
tomorrow never comes.
It is not that they
didn't have the chance to say
I love you or goodbye
before their final time.
The sorrow that I feel
lays deep within me still.
For it was I that didn't say
each and everyday,
I love you.
Always, will I love you.
Not to err that way again
to each, my every friend,
let me tell you what's in my heart,
before that day we finally part.
I love you.
Always, will I love you.