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Calling All AngelsStreets Of Heaven


An Angel Sighs

From the grave and solemn earth
she rejoices in her new birth,
After following the wind
into the clouds she cuddles in,
never wanting this to end.
Then from high upon her perch
she glances down onto the troubled earth.

And an angel sighs.

For the lost and alone
by the hand she leads them home,
Whispers "no need to fear,
for "your" forever I'll be near."
When the cries of those in pain
has her tears entwined like rain,
in sorrow sheared, makes it easier to bear.
The broken hearts she tries to mend
but they have to learn to trust again.
So her own heart she gladly lends,
saying only time can make amends.
For those shadows filled with hate, she doesn't hesitate
with a single kiss, like sun kissed mist, it dissipates.
Then there are those with out hope,
they no longer care to cope
she wraps each within her wings
then sets them free, with each a dream.
For those that mourn she lifts their face,
she parts the clouds, reveals heavens gates.

There are those that are insane,
and she doesn't do a thing.
She only smiles, for their story she knows well.
The limitations set by man brought them to a living hell.
A picture in her mind of the time she crossed the line,
Fallen on her knees, "I have given my last dime,
the shirt off my back, I turned the other cheek.
I beg of you to see"..... then slips into insanity.
When their time draws to an end
she'll be there to welcome them.
They all shared the same fate.
For on their resume of life, they didn't hesitate,
in bold type for Him to read
these words will forever set them free,

"I am an angel wanna be."

From the grave they will arise
spread their virgin wings in flight.
Leave this solemn earth
to rejoice in their new birth

.....phrajil (DEP)


I Am Your Angel

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