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The Ki Manual

The Experimental Ki Manual For All Students Of Ki

by Skull Kid


Understanding Ki
Ki Breathing
Realizing Your Ki
Ki Exercises
Drawing In Ki
Converting Ki To Jing
Constructing a Ki Ball
What To Do With Ki Balls
Multiple Ki Balls
Ki Blast
Ki Shield
Ki Flame
Jing Blast
Fa Jing
Contact The Author


This manual was created for the purpose of teaching those who don't know how to manipulate energy. If you already know how, this could also help you as it will be in-depth refrence for you all. If you are just a beginner, I suggest bookmarking this page and using it as a refrence for you to use later on. With that said, let's get started.

Before you attempt to do anything with ki, you should learn to meditate first. It would also be helpful if you master this technique. Ok, first I would like to say you should meditate everyday for a full effect. It is also helpful to set a certain time of day everyday to meditate. If you can, try to set it as the same time each day. Ok, now on to how to meditate.

To meditate, sit on a chair or on the floor. If you sit in a chair, put your feet flat on the floor. If you sit on the floor, cross your legs so your right calf is above you left calf. In other words, sit down and cross your legs. Most people call this "Indian Style." Now put your right foot above your let knee. This is how you should sit. Now, make sure you back is straight, do not be hunched over. It helps now if you are listening to calm music, but it must be quiet. Burning some incense helps me a lot, so try that. You can close your eyes if you want, it makes it easier. Next, try to clear your mind and relax every muscle in your body, starting with your feet. Work your way up to your head and then just relax for a few seconds. Inhale long breaths through your nose and exhale long breaths out your mouth. Count from 10 to 0 in your mind, then 9 to 0, then 8 to 0, and so on until your at just 0. Every time you get to 0, say "calm and relaxed" in your mind. Now, you should be fully relaxed and thinking of nothing. Congratulations! You are now meditating. To awake from this meditation, simply count from 0 to 1, 0 to 2, 0 to 3, and so on until 10. Each time you get to the highest number, such as counting 0 to 5, when you get to 5, say "awaking more and more" in your mind. You will end up fully awake and you should feel great. Now open your eyes if you had closed them.

Visualization helps you use your mind more clearly. This is a must if you want to be able to Astral Project. I will explain Astral Travel later on. Ok, on to the visualization!

First, you need to have mastered Meditation. Then and only then will you be able to do this. First, start meditating. When you feel you are in the most relaxed state possible for you, visualize an apple. See the apple. Now, pick up the apple and feel it. Bite the apple and taste it. Watch the apple get smaller as your eat it. feel yourself getting less and less hungry with every bite. When the apple is gone, think of how good it was. Try to remember what it was like. After you master the apple technique, try a different scenario. Try swimming in a lake. Feel yourslef holding your breath. Feel the water run up against you. Is the water cold? Hot? Fee; the fish swim up next to you. Visualize a shark. Are you scared? Feel the scaredness. Then visualize it going away, unless you want it to stay. Congratulations! You are visualizing what isn't there. Try to master this technique before going on.

.:Understanding Ki:.
To use ki and other energies, you should first fully understand what they are. Chi (Chinese) or Ki (Japanese) is the internal force in our bodies, the manifestation of our spirits. The source of the power is in us. It is called the Tan Tien (Chinese) or Hara (Japanese). It is located 2 1/2 inces below the navel (belly button) and 3 inches inward. This is also where the center of balance for the average human is. The name comes from the idea of "center" and represents our center; center of the spirit, soul, power, and balance. There is a physical center and a center of balance--so describing that as a "spot is a convenient construct for understanding. You may not believe that there is a "power" running through you right now, your religion might disbelieve in it, but it is there. It is keeping you alive right now. It is the very source of your life. Without it, you would not be living. This ki is the life force energy that everyone has in them. It is in the air, earth, water, and ourselves. Every living thing must have this to live.

.:Ki Breathing:.
This is one of the most important exercises you need to know. It is required for almost everything in this manual. You must first relax your body completely. Then, inhale slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Your back should be straight at all times. It doesn't matter if you stand or sit. You must fully focus on your breathing. Clear your mind completely of all thoughts. Well, that's all. Remeber, this is a must for all techniques in this manual.

.:Realizing Your Ki:.
First, you must know that your ki is flowing through you at all times. You must believe that it is really there. If you don't believe, you will never be capable of using ki. First, start meditating. Make sure you are doing the ki breathing exercise given above. Then, focus completely on your Tan Tien. Realize that you ki is stored there and focus on it. Visualize it starting to glow. You might start to feel tingly at this point, that is your ki. Try to concentrate completely on the ki. Now, tell the ki to move to your hands. Visualize it moving to your hands. Tell it in your mind to go to your hands. If you can't get it, try focusing on your hands. It should go there. Now try sending to to every spot in your body. You definately need to master this technique before going on. It might take you a week or two, or maybe even a few days. Now let's go on.

.:Ki Exercises:.
These are traditional ki exercises that you should perform everyday. This is not a must, but it makes your ki even stronger, it turns it in to jing. Jing is a more powerful and solid form of ki. It is the fighting life force in you. You will learn to harness it in these exercises. Remember to inhale breaths slowly through your nose and exhale slowy through your mouth.

Propping Up the Sky with Fingers Interlocked: Stand at attention with heels together of feet seperated slightly, with toes on floor and arches lifted. Arms hang naturally at your side. Place tip of your tongue lightly against roof of the mouth and breathe through your nose. Look straight ahead and relax all joints Maitain this stance for several minutes. Then raise your arms slowly and interlock your fingers above your head, palms turned up as if propping up the sky; raise heels at the same time. Now return to your starting position. Repeat these movements many times.

Drawing the Bow on Both Sides: Stand at attention comfortably. Now take a step to the side with the left foot and bend both legs. This is the "on horseback form." Cross arms at chest level, right arm on the outside. Extend left arm to the left with forefinger pointing upward, thumb stretched back, and other fingers bent. Turn head to the left and look at left forefinger. At the same time make a fist with the right hand and extend it to the right shoulder level with arm bent as if you were drawing a bow. Now return to starting position. Next do this again, reversing the sides. Then return to starting position. Repeat this several times.

Raising One Arm: Stand at attention with heels together or feet shoulder width apart, arms hanging naturally at both sides. Now raise right hand above your head with palm up and fingers together pointing to the left. At the same time press left hand downward with palms facing the floor and fingers pointing foward. Hold for a few seconds and return to starting position. Now do it again, reversing the sides. Then return to starting position once more. Repeat this many times.

Respiration with Fists Clenched: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Clench both fists with the knuckles facing foward and the tips of both tumbs pressed lightly against the thighs. Use gentle amdominal respiration. When inhaling again, keep the fists clenched and when exhaling, clench the fists more tightly than before. Repeat these movements several times.

Open and Closed Respiration: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Place the palms together in front of the chest across the lower part of the breastplate with the fingers pointed upward and the tips of the thumbs pressed against the chest. Only the thunb should be bent. When inhaling, keep the elbows at the level they are at when they hang to your sides and draw the palms slowly apart, with the thumbs pressed lightly against the chest until they come to the sides of the armpits. Meanwhile the whole body vibrates intensely. When exhaling, the palms move slowly back to the starting position. The movements should be coordinated with the breathing, which should be slow, relaxed, and even. Repeat these movements many times.

Those are just a few of the many exercises available for ki and energy manipulation. Keep in mind that these exercises are traditional, not radical. Traditional is harder but a lot more powerful. You chose if you want to do these or not. There is no fast way to learn or preform ki techniques. It takes time and patience. If your don't have either of these, don't bother attempting ki at all.

.:Drawing in Ki:.
There are several ways to draw in ki for your techniques/moves. These ways are mainly for radical ki. The exercises above are for traditional ki. As I said before, you choose the method you prefer. On to the techniques.

Grounding: This is the most common way of gathering ki. To do this you must stand shoulder width apart on the ground, which means you must be outside. Now close your eyes and viualize a root going from the soles of your feet deep into the earth. Then visualize ki flowing from the earth into your body. Try to harness this ki in your Tan Tien. The use this energy to power a attack.

Ki Breathing: This is a simple one. Sit or stand comfortably. If you sit, cross your legs. If you stand, stand shoulder width apart. Put your palms by your sides and inhale through your nose slowly. Close your eyes and visualize yourself breathing in ki. When you exhale through your mouth, visualize the ki flowing to your hands. Repeat this several times.

Sun Absorbant: Stand shoulder width apart and put your arms straight out to your sides, palms facing upward. Close your eyes and look up at the sun. Visualize your palms gathering ki from the sun's rays hitting your body. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth slowly. Keep doing this for about 5 minutes.

Stand at a fighting stance with your feet shoulder width apart. Now, visualize roots going from your feet and into the ground, absorbing ki from the Earth. Continue to cycle this ki through your body until you get a good feel. You can now either return it to the Earth, or use it. I wouldn't recomend storing it. This technique helps to reduce burnout.

.:Converting Ki to Jing:.
This technique will convert your ki to jing. Jing is a forceful attack so use it wisely. Stand shoulder width apart as usual. Now, close your eyes and visualize yourself as only a skeleton. Focus on the ki in your arms. Send your ki to your arms. As you inhale through your nose, visualize the ki in your arms going into your arm bones and into the marrow. Everytime your do this, imagine your arm bones shrinking. Keep doing this over and over. Your ki should be compacting into jing. Do this for about 5 minutes. Do not do a ki ball with this, only do a jing blast. It is almost the same as a ki blast, only using jing. This technique doesn't involve your arm bones at all, it is just to help you compact your ki, your arm bones are not affected. If you can just think of your ki and compact it in your lower arm/wrist and not think about your arm bones, that is even better.

.:Constructing a Ki Ball:.
There are several ways to make a ki ball. You should choose the way that is most comfortable for you. I will just give you the easiest way I know of. First, you should probably meditate if you are a beginner. Then I suggest doing the "Open and Closed Respiration" technique given in this manual. After you do that, concentrate on your Tan Tien. Feel the ki in it. Send this ki to your hands. The easiest way is to think about the ki moving and concentrate on your hands. This should send the ki to your hands. Through this whole technique you should be doing the ki breathing exercise given earlier. You must move the ki slowly. Now continue to think about moving the ki, but now put your hands to your side, left hand 4 inches above your right hand or vise versa. Concentrate on the spot 2 inches between each hand. Close your eyes and visualize the ki flowing from your hands and into the space between your hands. Your hands should feel warm and tingly. They should also be pulling and pushing together as if they were magnets. You just made a ki ball. Read the next section to learn what to di with ki balls.

.:What to do with Ki Balls:.
This is a list of what to do with ki balls after you make one. The most abvious is to make a ki blast. But most beginners can't do this yet, so practice these other things. Another thing to do with it is to heal. That's right, heal. If someone is hurt, make a ki ball and put it over their body. Push the ki ball into their body, willing it to heal them. Concentrate on it healing them. Ki balls can also be used to form several techniques. Look below in this manual to learn some of these techniques.

.:Multiple Ki Balls:.
After you have mastered the technique of making ki balls, try making two ki balls. Put each hand to each side, i.e. left hand to left side, right hand to right side. Your hands should be at your waist, palms facing upward. Send your ki to each hand and into the spot two inches above each hand. That's all. This could take a will to get right. Keep practicing. This is all about time and patience.

.:Ki Blast:.
A ki blast can be deadly if done correctly so use this technique wisely. First you need to make a ki ball. Then, close your eyes and visualize a beam of liht going from your hand and straight through your opponent. Build up a lot of ki in the ki ball and in your wrists. Tighten all your muscles in your body. Then, will the blast to hurt your opponent. Burst all the energy out towards him/her as your jerk your hands fofward towards your opponent. This techniue is one of the hardests to get. Don't be surprised if you can't get this the first 10 times your try. I warn you, this can really hurt someone. Some people think that this technique will damage cars, buildings, and other objects. It will not. It affects the ki flow of living things, causing them to feel pain and get sick, possibly even die. The blast that damages objects is the Jing Blast.

.:Ki Shield:.
This is almost as hard as the ki blast. First focus on the spot of your body you want the shield. Then, send a lot of ki to that spot. Do the turn ki to jing technique given earlier in this manual. Now, burst the ki out of the spot and into a plate. Concentrate on it becoming a plate over that spot. This is very hard to do. Keep trying if you can't get it.

.:Ki Flame:.
This is also known as a ki powerup. To do this, focus on the ki in your tan tien. Release this ki throughout your body. Speed up the ki. Concentrate on it as if it were fire. Think of it as fire. Now, burst it out of your body everywhere. Visualize it as fire. This will power you up. It isn't that hard, but it will require some skill.

.:Jing Blast:.
This will damage anything and everything. I advise you to be extremely careful with this technique. Start off by focusing ki to your arms, not your hands. Get it close to your wrists. Now convert your ki to jing. You learned this technique earlier. You should now have jing in your wrists. DO NOT do a ki ball with jing, it is very dangerous and can severly damage your hands. To perform the blast, simply concentrate on oyur target, imagine an invisible line going from you to your target. Thrust your arms forward and will it to leave your wrists and follow the line to your target. Remember, this is a very dangerous technique, use it wisely.

.:Fa Jing:.
This is one of the most well hidden secrets of Martial Artists. This is the technique that will kill people. I decided not to put it here because people who are new to ki would try it and end up hurting themselves. I will teach it to those who can show me that they are well skilled. You need to contact me if you want to learn this tech. My contact info is listed at the bottom of this manual.

Well, that is ki for you. It should take you years to master everyone of the techniques that you can find. So I feel you have you work cut out for you. Good luck and don't get yourself killed. This manual is still in the works. If you want me to add a technique or if you want me to be more detailed about a technique/exercise, email me at This is my little disclaimer coming up next. Read it. Do as it says.

I made this manual to tell you how to use ki and manipulate energy. I am not responsible for what you do with yourself. If you get hurt, it is your own fault, not mine. I am simply here to inform you. If you feel sick doing these exercises/techniques, discontinue doing them until you are better. Do not perform these exercises/techniques if you are sick, on any kind of drugs, or if you are pregnant. Please, use common sense. If you would like to post this manual on your site, please do so. The only thing you must do is leave it exactly the way it is.

These are the credits. This manual was written by Skull Kid. If you have any questions or comments, email me at Please tell your friends and relatives about Skull Kid's Ki Manual. Thank you.

I would now like to thank everyone who has helped me learn and use ki. Thank you kindly.

.:Contact the Author:.
This is a list of all the places i am that we can talk.
My e-mail address is
My AIM, Y!, and MSN are agent00day

Well, that's all until next time. See you later. Skull Kid, signing off...

~*~Skull Kid~*~ aka Agent00Day

Skull Kid's Ki ManualŠ Copyright 2002-2004