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The revival of an empire - 05.13.2003 [P3N6UIN]

Well now the cal season is comming it's time to get this party re-started. All players are active, forums work, sites are comming back on shortyly and MIRC channel comming up soon. Be prepared ladies

The revival of an empire - 05.13.2003 [P3N6UIN]

When an empire falls and a number of the people move on there is only one thing for them to do, remiss. Well no longer, ][)00][V][ is back with a vengance taking out Killinc's Tourneyment with a near perfect score, having 2 teams forfiet, and losing a total of 2 rounds out of 72 rounds. Next month sadly is ][)00][V]['s last stand against short attention spans of it's minions. We will be attending Killinc's lan and hope to slaughter our enemys in one last display that ][)00][V][ is hells finest. Wish us luck, here is the picture from last months lan.

From left to right we have Lizzard, Fish, Monkey, Turtle, and of course, P3N6UIN.

Hell awaits - 05.08.2002 [P3N6UIN]

Man what the fuck? I can't leave hells finest alone, i need to represent, and as an added bonus, here is a flash intro. Peace!

P3N6UIN out~ - 05.08.2002 [P3N6UIN]

Well I'm done with this clan for now. I am going freelance under the name P3N6UIN or MeaTClowN. I will no longer be using ShAkA. L8rz

Long Time No News! - 05.08.2002 [P3N6UIN]

Well meatclown/p3n6uin here once again to bring you the lastest from hells #1 clan, ][)00][V][. Well most of ][)00][V][ recently went to the April KILLINC lan party. Much fun was had there. All of doom will be attending the may killinc so look for us there. More news to come soon.

Death Comes Ripping - 04.04.2002 [P3N6UIN]

We have a scrimmage on saturday with the [*GIRLZ*] clan. We are playing on Utah Advanced Midget Tossing The pass will be givin soon. Thats all.

KILL INC OWNS - 03.28.2002 [P3N6UIN]

Well I recently lost my LAN virginity to kill inc. and let me say it was quite the experiance. I attended with honarary doomie, Fluke and It was a blast, i have a button on the page, but if you are too stoopid to see it, it is . Thats all 4 now

Matches Galore! - 03.20.2002 [P3N6UIN]

I've already issuded a ton of challanges to some clans, lets just hope we don't die before we start to play them. FERRET, that little hypicritical loser has left doom, thank god. Our immediate challanges are in the forums, {TKO} and *GIRLZ* are our next 2 targets, should be good matches, but winable ones. I am full time admin for utah advanced midget tossing, IP is ...... get it when i get home. Thats all.

Updates - 03.13.2002 [P3N6UIN]

Greetings. After that whole ordeal with wolf I am exausted. I think we may have limited admin on utah advanced midget tossing. I'll give you guys the IP after it comes back up. We will probibly have a match with the clan {TKO} from G-Watts. We will have one of our frends, Fluke, temp VS {TKO}, so the team will be him, fish, turtle, monkey, and p3n6uin. I'm still looking for recruits, but it's kinda hard to join when there is no roster link. Sorry about that. I updated it and reposted the link. Thats it :)

Hax0rs!? - 3.9.2002[P3N6UIN]

Yes, more hacker troubles. During a recent scrimmage match VS the =i= clan, ][)00][V][={Wolf} was caught with ogc. Well we confronted him and he says taht he was at his freind's house and he said his freind didn't hack. BS, then why did it find OGC. Then again, i find out on clan alphanumeric's fourums, he was caught again!!!!

Well shit. Wolf is out, all there is to it. With anyluck, i may gain rcon on utah advanced midget tossing. Thats all.

Fourms - 2.25.2002 [P3N6UIN]

Hey guys, I got us some forums now, link is above. We are gonna scrim =i= soon. Prepare to lose, lol. If we win one round, we win in general, lol. Thats all for now.

Updates - 2.25.2002 [P3N6UIN]

I guess I can't keep you guys waiting any longer. Yes it's true. We did scrim the alpha-numeric clan [#a] on saturday. The results were as follows:
Map played:Office
][)00][V][ Team

[a#] Team

Here is the quote from thier fourms:
"surprisingly it was a tight game. we let them pick the map and starting side. as ct's, alpha charged ahead for a 6-round lead, rushing our asses off. as they began to repel us, we started being a bit more careful. i have to apologize - i wasn't warm at all for that game .. couldn't really do anything first half... first half ended 13-7.
as t's we lost a few early rounds, and their team was competent on the rush. we started guarding the hostages after they were able to rescue all of them in a round. we defended the projector room in fine fashion, but losing that half, 8-10.
Final score: 21-17. GG to everyone who played"
We won on CT, they won on CT, so 1-1, but 21-17. Oh well, we kicked thier ass for our skill level, this is ][)00][V]['s first match and we did that well? YES!
Anyway, I have some updates goin on, some new things, got the roster fixed, oh, and hello to squirrel, our newest member, formerly know as tector. Thats all for now buds, peace

Finanlly - 2.01.2002 [P3N6UIN]

I have finally decited to update, and include a link to the Utah Fragbait Stats Page. where both me and TURTLE, have been ripping thier shit up. TURTLE is by far the most lifeless person on there (fucking a, look at the statas, 1400 kills, 1200 deaths, 2 days on so far) And I have #1 with the steyer aug. We really need to enter the OGL 2v2 matches. Me and turtle will own. Thats all.

P3N6UIN owns. - 1.27.2002 [P3N6UIN]

Hi thar, after dealing with ferret and acceping being banned from HPB, i got my tribute to me up at Tribute to P3N6UIN Done. Go there now.