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Dragon Empire

Notice: This site still has lots of work to be done. Please be patient.

You are exploring an island which your friend has brought you too. The bad weather has picked up and you need to find shelter. As you climb up the mountain you find a cave. You and your friend go into it. As you explore it you realize it's getting bigger. All of a sudden you are at an openning. There are trees everwhere and a lake in the middle. Right next to that lake there is a castle. You and your friend carefully make your way through the trees. You finally reached the castle. On the stairway is a young girl with long blonde hair. "Hi, my name is Sarah. I'm the caretaker of the Dragons of this Empire. Welcome to the Dragon Empire." She says as she raise her hands. Your eyes follow her hands to the sky and see dragons flying through the air. "You will be able to explore this beautiful wilderness and learn of the dragons that live there.

Dragon's Castle Lair
Mystic Caves
Loney Island
Ice Valley
Night Forest
Moon Light lake

Ways to Adopt pets
Adopt a Dragon
Ronnie's Dragons
Sanori Gardens
Adopt a Gryphon