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FBI destroyed key evidence during the Anthrax investigation. For more info, Click Here

The Anthrax scare a product of the Army's Bioweapons project? For more Check out this article from the New York Times.

US Military Link to the Anthrax Attacks

Bush and Cheney demand that Senator Tom Daschle end his congressional investigation into possible government connections to 9/11.

For the complete story click here

3/17/02 The Army plans to burn to burn stockpiles of leftover Chemical weapons near Aniston Alabama. The Army concedes that 74,000 people living near the site have been exposed to nerve agents such as sarine, mustard and VX gas in 14 seperate incidents. For the full storyClick Here

3/13/02 We can't indict the hijackers but now we at least have their Visas thanks to the INS. Full story Here

President Bush has announced today that since 9/11 he has installed a shadow/substitute government in secret military bunkers in the event of another terroist attack on washington. This shadow government is only comprised of the executive branch and in the case of a national emergency the coup de tate of facisism would be all but assured.NWO Doomsday

ABC's May/2001 story resurfaces about how the US Joint Chiefs of Staff have in the past ACTUALLY DESIGNED a plan to committ domestic terror on Americans to whip them into a war hysteria, to support war efforts by the govt. Friendly Fire

US allows Secret Pakistani airlift of Key Taliban Al Qieda Members. Check this story out at the New Yorker.

A Must Read:US government report on

The Sociology & Psychology of Terrorism

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