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Have fun with AIM:
  • Chat with friends on the web and AOL.
  • Express yourself by choosing a Buddy Icon or create your own.
  • Make your IMs stand out with rich text and smileys.
  • Transfer files, photos or music while IMing.
  • Find out more about the latest version of AIM.
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Available Now! Enterprise AIM Services
Enterprise AIM Services increase the value and manageability of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) for organizations, allowing enterprises to manage and control AIM communications via the AIM Enterprise Gateway and AIM on the desktop.

Find out how your enterprise can gain the benefits of real-time communication with dependable access to the largest and most active instant messaging community in the world. Find out more.

International Users: Please review this important information.
Did You Know:
  • AIM can help you find someone to chat with right now. Learn more.
  • If you already have a screen name for AOL, Netscape, CompuServe 2000, AOL Hometown, or's Personal Finance center, you can use it on AIM.
  • You can send instant messages without downloading AIM. Learn more.
  • You can add AIM to your home page. Learn more.
  • You can help test the latest version of AIM. Find out how.
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