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Forgive and Forget? Birthday Bash Haruka

by Haruka Kaioh

Forgive and Forget?
Birthday bash Haruka.
A story based around the relationship of Haruka and Michiru, thanks
to Naoko Takeuchi for making my two favorite senshi and others for
giving me
ideas to write this. Enjoy.

The rain stung Haruka's face as she sped through the nearly empty
streets of Toyko.
She didn't notice it had started raining, she was too focused on
running from her newly
formed problem. The pain in her heart was unbearible whenever she had
to stop for a
light. It only allowed her problem to grow causeing her to cry again.
To cry for her was
a sign she was weak, others could take adavnge of her if she cried,
she hated it. She
didn't have anywhere to go. Home only made her cry more. She didn't
want to involve
the other senshi in her problems. And going to any cafe would only
bring back painful
memories with Michiru being there. Smiling sweetly at her, she was
gone. Goddess
why couldn't she have seen it sooner? Michiru.. the only person who
made her complete
was gone from her.

"Damn it Haruka! I'm sick of your consant flirting!" Michiru pulls out
some drawrs and pulls
out her clothes and puts them in a suitcase. "Michiru, please they
don't mean anything I
swear! I love you and only you." Haruka lightly cries. Michiru looks
her in the eyes glaring
with the cold glare of Neptune. "I wish I could believe you. Haruka
why couldn't you have
just showed me you cared for me." She turns back to packing her
things. Haruka clinches
her fist, looking down her the floor holding back her tears. "I love
you Michiru, please don't
leave me.." Michiru looks back at Haruka and picks up her bags. "This
your fault, deal with
it." Michiru walks out leaveing Haruka in what was once their bedroom
they shared. Haruka
silently moved aside the curtan to see Michiru putting her things in a
taxi. Michiru looked
back at the mansion to see the curtan move. 'Haruka..' She got into
the taxi and drove off.
*end flashback*

Haruka drove her motorcycle to the track and parked it where no one
could see it. She sat
on one of the benches and looked around the track field. This is where
she first met her. She
glaced around to make sure she was alone incase she started to cry

*flash back*
"I want to introduce you to someone. Kaioh Michiru." Elza waved for
Michiru. Haruka looked
up from her bag with wide eyes. Michiru looked beauiful, wavy aqua
colored hair, long slim
legs, perfect skin, and gorgous dark blue eyes. She spoke but Haruka
was too focused on
her looks. "Do you feel it? The wind is stiring I know you hear it.
I've been watching you Tenoh
Haruka. I find you quite interresting. I would like to do some
sketches of you." Haruka mentally
shook herself and answered calmly. "I'll pass." She walked away
ingoring the sting in her
chest. Michiru looked down sadly.
*end flashback*

Haruka noticed she was looking right where she had met Michiru. She
stood up and went back
to her motorcycle. She drove move trying to forget her. But everything
she saw reminded of her. The color blue, a nice dress she would look
good in, any girl with dark wavy hair. None of them could ever match
Michiru's beauty she told herself. She stopped at a light and looked
to her right. There was the cafe they loved to stop and grab a drink
at. 'Once Upon A Time' was the name of it. Michiru had pointed it out
when they were walking home from school. She took off again once the
light turned green. 'I have to forget her.' Hauka scoulded herself for
being so

She heard what sounded like Michiru's voice and pulled over. She
looked around for the
soruce of it. She then looked down at her wrist communicator. 'Why
would she call me over this? There hasn't been trouble in years.' She
popped it open to see Michiru looking back at her. Michiru still
looked as gorgous as ever. It had been a while since they had broken
up and Haruka still looked like it happened yesterday. Michiru face
was calm and smiled sweety once she saw Haruka's face. "Hello Haruka."
She said with a sweet tone in her voice. Haruka looked wide eyed
wondering what made her want to see her again. "Hi Michiru. Is there
something you need?" Michiu looked to aside and then down. "I miss
you.." She said quietly. "Haruka, I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you,
I just.. I just wanted your eyes only for me. When you were flirting
I could never tell if you were serious with them." Michiru blurred in
a rush. Haruka smiled
as Michiru looked up again. "I understand." Michiru smiled brightly.
"Meet me at the old Mariane Cathedrol. See you soon!" Michiru's face
disappeared again and Haruka shut the top.

The damned place where they nearly died. Why of all places would she
want to see her there?
Haruka thought of back when they were younger trying to complete a
nearly impossible misson.

Neptune looks back at Uranus and smiles. "That wasn't so hard."
Neptune noticed one of the wall
decorations form again and shoot out. She dove to push Uranus out of
the way. "Look out!!"
Neptune's body slammed into it and then vanished into the wall.
"Neptune!!!" Uranus shouted
and ran down a long hall way. Uranus gets shot with arrows when she
tries going over the brige
to save Neptune. 'Neptune..' Neptune woke up and broke out of her
bonds. "Uranus, I won't
let her kill you!" She told her. "Neptune stop! Don't come closer!"
Neptune got shot with more
arrows as she came closer. The arrows ran out and the evil witch shot
her. Uranus remembered
earlier when they held hands. Usagi had came in and stopped her from
getting shot. She ended
up shooting herself knowing she couldn't live with out Michiru.
*end flash back*

Haruka drove as fast as she could through the wet streets. 'Michiru..
wait for me.' Haruka drove
up the dock to the Mariane Cathedrol and parked her motorcycle. She
looked up at it. It had
been years since that battle though. The police had cleaned out all
the traps but they decided
not to open it up in fear of the 'curse'. She got off her Motorcycle
and ran a hand through
her hair. She wiped away her tear marks and walked up to the door.
Michiru was here. Her heart
pounded thinking about holding her again. She pushed open the door and
tried focusing her eyes
to the darkness. "Hello?" She asked why she wasn't sure. The lights
shot on and she was greeted
by all her friends. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARUKA!!!" Haruka smiled surprised
mostly. Michiru ran
up to her and wrapped her arms around her. "Happy Birthday Haruka."
Michiru said smiling
sweetly at her. Usagi popped up next to them. "We called Michiru but
when we found you two
broke up we didn't know how to celebrate your birthday without you
being with her." Usagi was
cut short of Raye. "Usagi! Anyway we manged to show Michiru that your
flirting is harmless."
"That's when I got the idea to get you two back together threw meeting
here."Makoto butted in.
Minako popped up beind them all and cut in. "Of coruse the love
goddess couldn't let her two
best friends hate each other for little things, That's when I remember
you two have wrist
communicators, those things come handy in time like these!" Haruka and
Michiru sweatdroped
still holding each other looking at the inners. "I hope you didn't
mind that I let them know about
you two." Setsuna's calm voice said from the side. "I didn't want to
make you look weak without
Michiru-Mama, Haruka-Papa." Hotaru hugged her 'papa' from the side and
then backed away.
"Well, thank you all so much." Haruka said and smiled more and hugged
Michiru tightly.

Michiru leaned up and planted a soft warm kiss on Haruka who return
the kiss. Everyone cheered and clapped watching with smiles. They
broke and smiled looking into each others eyes. "Don't ever leave me
alone again. I love you too much." Michiru smiled agreed."I love you
too." Michiru grinned. "One more thing.." Haruka looked at her a bit
confused when Michiru tip-toed and whispered into her ear. "I'm going
to be your present tonight." Haruka blushed and all the inners,
Setusna and Hotaru knew what Michiru probably said to Haruka and

^-^ isn't that cute?! I got the idea to write this when thinking about
birthday! (Jan. 27th) Ja Ne!

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