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Buck Opinions

Thanks for visiting Buck Opinions. Who says you can't get anything for a dollar nowadays? I'm here to offer up opinions for one dollar. If you need my opinion on a personal matter, slap down a buck and you will get a detailed opinion within three days. If you want my opinion on the best Judy Garland song, the best place to shop for cheese or my opinion about your mothers've got it.

Here's a little disclaimer for dummies: If you don't like my opinion, you don't get your dollar back. That's why they call em' opinions see? All of my opinions will be detailed and well thought out. You will get your dollars worth when you ask for my opinion. No subject is off limits, but if you want my opinion on how to hide a dead body, you won't get it. See, this is where common sense figures in.

All the bucks go through the secure server PayPal. Have no fear, PayPal is the most widely used transaction server on the Internet. To get my opinion, please submit your buck and email me the subject you want my opinion on.

Who the hell are you and why should I seek your opinion?

That's a good question. You should seek my opinion because I am very opinionated. I won't give you an opinion that I think you "want to hear". I will give you a no-holds-barred honest and heartfelt opinion. Aside from, I am a freelance writer and all around rabblerouser.

Ok, I'm convinced...but what are you going to do with these bucks?

I'm really not sure. Maybe I'll invest in a few packs of bubble gum. Honestly, if Buck Opinions actually makes some bucks, I will consider donating to some of my favorite charities such as the Human Rights Campaign or the ASPCA.

Hmmm...this actually sounds like a cool idea. I wish I had thought of it myself. Anyway, where's the PayPal thingy? I have a few things to pick your brain about.

Right below!

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