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BAKER STREET:- winding you way down to Baker Street, light in your head and dead on your feet, well another crazy day, you'll drink the night away, and forget about everything, this city desert makes you feel so cold, its got so many people, but its got no soul, and it's taking you so long, to find out you were wrong, when you thought it held everything, you still think that it was so easy, you used to say that it was so easy, but you're trying, you're trying now, another year and then you'd be happy, just one more year and then you'd be happy, but you're crying you're crying now, way down the street there's a lad in his place, he opens the door, and hes got that look on his face, and he asks you were you've been, you tell him who you've seen, and you talk about anything, he's got this dream about buying some land, he's gonna give up the crack and the one night stands, and then he'll settle down, in some quite little town, and forget about everything, but you know he'll always keep moving, you know he's never gonna stop moving, cause he's rolling, he's the rolling stones, when you wake up its a new morning, the sun is shining it's a new morning, you're going, your going' on...

-Gerry Rafferty / Foo Fighters

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disclaimer: Oh, yes. This is the part where I admit that even though I am under 20 years of age, it was I and not Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who invented Sherlock Holmes and all he entales. You betcha. He stole it from ME! Sigh , let me stop entertaining a lawsuit... I did not create, nor do I own Holmes and his company. I never pretended to. Ok, well maybe just that one time. And he sure as heck ain't makin any money by me. If Sherlock was, I'd make him give me a hefty cut! And I'd like to announce how I think all the artists who did these pics are grrRRRreat, particularly Sidney Paget. If you know not of him, well then Mr., you are a cootie! Plain and simple! He is the master whom I do adore! Is this really necessary? I mean, the material IS over 100 years old. Especially on my page, YEESH! Do I EVER update..? Ah, as I always say; better to be safe than sued anyday.