Name: Arvin
Nickname: no matter what they say i dont have one
Birthday: 11th February 1981
Age: 21
Star Sign: Aquarius
Origin: Philippines
Stats: 5'6, black hair, brown eyes
Nationality: 100% Filipino
Location: Sydney, Australia
Religion: Catholic
Fave #: 11, 5, 36, 27, 6, 3, 2, 7
Food: lots....pasta, filo food, vegetables, dessert, halo-halo, bbq, burgers and sandwiches
Colour: Blue, Green and Orange
Drink: Sprite, Fanta and Fruit juice
Music: various .....(r'n'b to dance to alternative)
Movie: any...from comedy to action to real life
TV: sex and the city, CSI, malcolm in the middle, simpsons, charmed, stargate, gilmore girls
Sports: Tennis, Basketball, Extreme sports
Hobbies: lots...ark works, reading/writing, web, collecting, travel and
Ambition: To be successful in anything i do, have a fun life and be able to give something back
Doing: Ba. Computer Science @ (UWS Nepean)
If i wansnt doing this: Landscape, Design, Web, .......something artistic/creative
3 words on how i see myself: nice, fun, unpredictable
3 words on how people see me: snob, weird, meloncholy
1. Be Happy, Be Smart, Be Nice
2. Only u can make it happen - u can do it
3. dont worry, unless u have to - have fun otherwise
4. it's how u see it.......this way or that......
5. be true to ur self......
6. u get back what u give
7. what would jesus do (W.W.J.D.)
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more...........originally sent by mariebel dec.2001 and decided i'll add it here... so here it is... ps: revised a bit

Short Version
> Name: Arvinlexter Soriano
> Nicknames: none really just Arvin... some people say alvin, arvs, ervin, lex...
> Birthday: 11th February, 1981
> Star Sign: Aquarius
> Ambition: To be successful and happy in anything i do.
> Hobbies: art, music, writing
> Sports: tennis, track, basketball
> Fav Movie Actors: prue from charmed, mcgyver from mygyver , anyone that has a good show/movie and can act of course etc.
> Fav Movie: a lot....american beauty, the green mile, pretty woman, lord of the rings, frequency, scream, con air, air force one, contact, clueless, monster inc. and etc.
> Fav T.V Programs: a lot....charmed, mcgyver, spellbinder, golden girls, married with children, seinfield, the amazing race, stargate, C.S.I., simpsons, rove live, friends, home improvement shows, scientific/discovery documentaries, video hits/rage, just shoot me, x-men, sex and the city, degrassi junior/high, heartbreak high and etc.
> Music: anything that has a good beat and lyrics in most styles
> Music Artists: a lot....tlc, boyz2men, mariah carey, westlife, aaliyah and timberland duo , anyone with a good song and etc. (some people that i like most of the songs that they release)
> Family: mum and dad, bro youngest and sis the middle and me the eldest, and 2 dogs, brakley boy and qt - girl
> Relations: atm single, my family and relos are great, heaps of friends, enjoyed my high school years and uni is also great...enemies ? dont even care what they
> Colours: blue, green, orange
> Food: steak......bbq........fried rice......pasta.......dessert (sweets).....halo-halo......& of course filo food
> Friends: i have so many......mariebel, paulo, vivienne, josette, john, bec, roya, sumrah, eddie, beenish, amali, jean, therese, vanessa, cat, nick, shannon, eugene, azena, ronald, david, sarah, hosai, scott natalie, sharon, carol, kieran, an, donna, wayne .......if i forgot u so sorry........ but ur included here............ this is the short
> Motto: be happy, be smart, be nice !!!

i tried to answer this as much as i can.............