Here are some poems ! Not mine... mine will be coming up soon... just found these and thought some people might want it for their own or someone special. Enjoy!

just to say i love you
for that i always be
the sweetest way to tell you
u mean the world to me
just prommise me one thing for all eternity
you'll never love anyone else
as much as you love me

time is...
...too fast for those who haste
...too slow for those who wait
...too long for those who mourn
but for those who love time is

thank you...
because you always took the time
to lend a helping hand
and always say the special things
that show you understand
because you try to make the world
a better place to me
i'm glad i have this time chance to say
u mean the world to me

someone elses boy
i must not long to hold you for you're someone elses boy
i must not long to touch you for your're someone elses toy
i must not let my eyes light up when someone calls you're name
you're someone elses boyfriends but i love you al the same

staring in you're eyes , tears spilling down your cheeks
you know i love you but i just don't want to notice it
can't you see i'm hurting, u said i felt the same
but truly it was a joke, i hate to play those games
did you hurt my feelings intentionally or did you care how i feel
but i guess not, not in that heart of steel
i don't love you now today, for the love i had i threw away

something important
love is an important thing
can't just be a one night thing
love is what you fell is real
not some sort of a business deal
love can be complicated
and sometimes really overrated
so take it slow and go with the flow
love will come, believe me i know

i had a rainbow glowing inside of me
it grew so large i could hardly see
days were crowded with love and lust
you were the one i could trust
your eyes, your smile, your tears
you even shared your greatest fears
when your hands were laced in mine
there never was enough time
i was yours and you were mine
and the days were oh so fine
i loved you and you loved me
that's the way it should always be
then you changed and broke my heart
my perfect world fell apart
my memories will always stay
and hope i'll think back and smile one day

reply to broken dreams
roses are suppose to be red, while violets are a shade of blue
but whenever i feel your presense nearly, this seems to be untrue
my colours seem to lack the zest of my love, which is meant to be
my flowers have began to fall, nor red, nor blue to see
the love i had once for you was good, if you recall
but now the bloom is there no more, the petals began to fall
and so i prick those lovely thorns, so painful in the end
the flowers have all died on me, and so have we my friends

a silent whisper of your name is all i need to hear
to make my heart beat loud and fast or shed a love filled tear
i'm filled with love that drowns my heart whenever you came near
but then you see to kiss me and all i feel in fear
you're the thoughts in my mind and i guess u kinda knew
that if you ever leave me, it will break my heart in two
i don't know much about myself but i know this much is true
i've never loved a soul as much as i love you

lost love
i gave you all i had to give my love, my soul, each smile
and in return you gave that too but only for a while
you took away that precious love just when i thought you cared
and left the memories of happiness we as one once shared
i wander what you think about the pain that hurt me?
i very much doubt that you do
your picture here beside me still smiles like before
it hurts me to realize i love you even more

my heart
my heart is like a wave, so easily it breaks
to mend my heart forever, your love is all it takes
my heart is like a flower, wilting to it's death
i hope you understand, there's just one petal left
my heart is like a rainbow, falling from the sky
if you don't catch it, my love is sure to die

i always see you with her and always try to cope
but everytime you hug her, i find that there's no hope
for i was once yours, i was once your girl
you treated me so special, as precious as a pearl
but then i had a crush and those memories were shattered
and then i realise a crush just hadn't mattered
and when i tried to tell you, it was just plain late
for when i saw you walking, you already had a date
and i try to talk to you now, but you just don't seem to care
and how i wish sometimes, that she was never there
there by your side always and forever
is there not a chance for us to be together
is this how it'll finish, is this how it ends
can't we give it one more try, can't we make amends

my feelings
when i feel great
it's in your arms
i want to celebrate
when all goes wrong
its your faith in me
that keeps me strong
when i succeed
its your admiration i need
when i'm down
its your smile that lifts my frown
no matter how i feel
it's your love for me
that makes my life seem real

the love i have inside of me, is bursting out to show
but if it does will you care, will you want to know
people say to let it out, to tell you how i feel
but will you take me seriously, as if my love were real
people say that if u know, u might feel the same
but then i say, what if u don't , then i will drown in shame
and when i tell you, will your heart turn to me or hate
and when i tell you, is it time or maybe it's too late...


more to come...