Hey, here are some pictures of some friends, family and me. Dont laugh too !!! January 2002
More captions and pictures will be added....stay tuned !!!

June 2002

My Cousins
An's 21st Birthday Party
Get together - Coast Getaway - with High School Friends - Paulo and Shannon's 21st Birthday Trip
Uni. friends 2002SEM1 pic1
Uni. friends 2002SEM1 pic2
Uni. friends 2002SEM1 pic3
Uni. friends 2002SEM1 pic4
The Fellowship of the Shell Rings

February 2002

2000 Sydney Olympic Games

January 2002

old pics and my baby pics
chillin' at Chilis
S.A.D. Team
karaoke on Therese's B-Day
misc photos
hang-out at uni 2001
our pets
my family
cousins wedding
picnic day
driving around
family picture