@ the moment

2:41pm fri 2002 aug 2


thinking / doing
nothing much

diet coke with lemon twist

breath in breath out - Ali feat Nelly
jimmy eat world - the middle
avril lavigne - complicated
kylie - fever

wish, hoping, wanting
get all the times i want for my classes

with who
noone here here now...alone

whats on
uni starts soon
get my bus pass
enrol in my classes

entertained by
sex and the city
amazing race
temptation island
malcomn in the middle
gilmore girls

pissed/worried about
none....nothing is free in the net anymore....except flooble!!!!! i wanna flooble!

i wanna
run or jog some sort of exercise

dont wanna
go back yet...to uni

what esle
changed the links and stuff

go win
australian commonwealth games!

happy / cant wait for
graduation day....

say what
dont make it complicated. do what u can!