What is a Shoutbox?
It is a cool way of allowing visitors to your site to chat, leave message to you or others and voice opinions.
How do I use it?
Just fill in the form and click "Shout". The field URL is optional, if you have a website, enter its URL in the form http://www.yoursite.com
Can I do Smileys or Emoticons?
Sure you can! Point your mouse over the image to get its emoticons-code for it.
(O) = geek :yes: = yes :confused: = confused 8) = cool :cry: = cry :embarassed: = embarrassed :)) = laugh :| = none
:no: = no :P = tongue :rolleyes: = rolleyes :sigh: = sigh :sleepy: = sleepy :) = smile ;) = wink :@ = upset

Can I get such a Shoutbox?
Yeah! sure you can from Activetopic.com