Saturday, March 29, 2003
test1>> You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss that never lessens and always blows your partner away like the first time.
test2>> Neutral: Harmony and balance is key. You don't look at the world in a negative or positive way and you'll never judge or assume a situation- you just look at the facts. People like you are peaceful and accepting.
test3>> "Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?" - borderline
ps. i saw mariah carey feat cam'ron video clip of boy (i need you) and it looks awesome! the same director (khan) will direct tlc's damaged! should be awesome!

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
my brother sprained his ankle last monday from basketball and as for me it seems like my body is old, it lacks strength and flexibility. even though i exercise when i can which is more frequent now, my body still aches (what if its too late and my its damaged like right now or maybe i just didnt sleep well. anyways my exercise progress is doing ok. i would have wanted more time to exercise but all i can think about is that i need a new hobby other than the net/pc.
my cousin jr and his gf grace (who said i looked really young) came over and asked me to burn this cd package of net softwares but it didnt work and he was in a rush to get it done so i couldnt burn it (should have just copied it). damn .... it has dreamweaver/ flash/ firework/ php... and more...i wanted it. next time. well i tried to help him but i only had a concept and for some reason i cant make those normal frames, i didnt have the book (lent it to hosai) but had saved html tutorials, well i tried and i felt kinda stupid coz they know i am a computer science (about to) graduate. i needed more time. im over it since my sister says that i dwell too much.....i hate that on me...
btw yeah our washing machine is finally fixed, all better! and i got my confirmation graduation slip returned! it is set!
- thought i was their friend
hot song!!! - r*kelly >> ignition + ignition (remix)

Monday, March 24, 2003
yesterday me and my friends bec and teri went to the art gallery and saw some beautiful paintings, watched a concert (piano and violin players) and saw the archibald painting competition, learned some painting history from this cool tour guide that dresses up as a jeanie or something all the while gasbagging about some random topic. it was cool!
we luckily escaped the rally but not the rain. during lunch we got some friends info and all i can say is that i am shoked! we then browsed some book and music stores before heading down to circular quay and see some indian culture/dance which was cool. a very random day, lots of walking and talking...with no real plans...... yet fun!
i got home early and got away from mowing the lawn but not cleaning the car. mum took the day off today and she took care of charlene most of the time. so i got a break today!

Saturday, March 22, 2003
so far the weekend plan is A ok! paulo actually had a barbeque yesterday and it was not just me and shannon, its also ronald, sharon, john and john's friend (this guy was either shy,tired or unfriendly...he didnt talk or smile... well i didnt see it) ...their house is really nice! they are still unpacking and stuff still needs to be fix but the finish product would look awesome.
today was good. didnt really do a lot to help (build the garden wall/container) since relos (plenty) were there already so just watched tfc and espn.
tomorrow should be fun!
ps. thanks viv for the marquee!

Friday, March 21, 2003
(phone conversation)
me: hey is anyone else coming?
paulo: no, just u and shannon
me: what happened to everyone else?
paulo: i called john and he is doing something
me: oh.. what is he doing? (why isnt he going? doest he want to go? what could he be doing?)
paulo: dont know
me: did u ask? (i bet he didnt)
paulo: not his
me: lol (i think i am paranoid?!)

the question >> am i paranoid or am i just curious??? i like to think i am curious and just want to know.

is this a wasted post or what? no! btw i just finished cleaning.............finally.......break! sleep and rest ti'll shannon picks me up. *consider* i think i am going to leave this layout for a while....its growing on me. i like it.

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