Wednesday, October 30, 2002
cant believe jos brought her video camera (started yesterday). its so cool, we get to see how we really are and stuff like that. pretty funny and a bit embarassing but its all good. we had a session today with javam as well!

hanged wih amali most of yesterday (coz jmv abandoned us) and it was purty good, she is so determined to do SE, shes really trying. i watched her do it and these people didnt even try and help her at least, they were so not nice.....dont worry.... karma will get them back...inconsederatation, why are people so inconsederate and just dont care....

anyways...... i have been so sleepy all week, the daylight savings time is the casue i think.....but last nights sleep was good that i over slept. me, bro and sis all woke up and went what is the time? 9:30 ..... (we were suppose to leave before 9) but last night my bro had his form photo and was telling me and sis about the people, cant believe how sexual everyone was, so young.........

just wanna mention this guy at the bus asked what day it havent talked about the guy from the train and uni that told me his love life, family and himself....basically his life weird. i cant do that...sometimes i dont even ask the time, i told jos and she cant too....

yeah thats all...........
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Tuesday, October 29, 2002
when married or in any relationship once money $$$ become an issue, it can only lead to downfall. our family from canada had that problem, money ruled their life and happiness was measured in material value. now their life is in chaos and sadness. it happens so many times that everyone knows about it now. dont put too much value in material things and of course friendship, people, family, experiences and happiness is "priceless".

and with that note viv said that i broke her bag, actually she said that "it was in perfect condition" and "i wrecked it". ok like whatever. i didnt even touch her bag. ok, how did i break it, by pulling her hand she said.....ok..i still have to comment on it...maybe thats how she wants to see it. just that shes blaming me.

anyways on a diffirent more important matter, i always thought i was sheltered and now i guess i am not really, some have not been "out there" yet. its like you have been in a box and they ask you to go out and play and realise that you still need to learn how to walk, i think i am exagerating it. anyways how can you help someone to see the world and they want to put on a blindfold? you need to tell them to take that step and see them go through it and explain that having that blindfold wouldnt be a good idea coz you cant see where ur going....a truck might hit you. ok, its a hard issue and can be very diffcult to help someone, its not easy.... but if ur good friends enough, they'll understand that ur just their to help. but who are you to help are u an expert? someone who cares and just noticed something about them that they should know about and no matter what u will always be there and just hope that they'd understand.

life has so many gifts, all you have to do is to take it. there are so many ways to be happy. the game is to look for them. and once ur winning of course u'll be happy. ok ..people might think im trying too hard to think or write like this, i am not anything, these are just my thoughts....(thats coming from talking about some stuff with jos)

taking things for granted is bad, being too eager is sickning....where is balance?

here my brother walked a while with mum for exercise and then left her to walk with charmalene. my mum asked why not walk together in the same area and she said char is embarassed, hello.... whats his/her problem? sometimes i think he is taking everyone here at home for granted and the way he treat his friends sometimes, compare to us makes me wonder how he think. i knew there was another reason why he went for a walk. he walks over her house to hang sometimes and this is late at night and i when we ask him to do something simple he complains...i told him already....hope he heard it, but that was a while back.

on the other hand my sister said she doesnt think shes gonna go well for her UAI or TER. she said her hsc exams seems bad. imkinda disappointed that i thought she was gonna beat me, maybe she still can. i hope she does well and make the right decisions later....

dad is ok now, he said about his headaches...just having some problem adjusting at work since he is doing the job of like 2 and a half people. sometimes he stresses. mum likes her job, lots of talking and laughing and is getting into walking and taebo, dad joins her most of the time. coolies.

oh cozins down the road came yesterday and we gave them some plants, rose and chili

i hate getting disconnected in the internet every 15 minutes...urghhhhhhh..........pisses me off so much and the download limit is closind down, its cool the month is closing too....

oh and my hair, its getting long and i plan to not cut it really short i think ti'll summer and its irrating me now....

see and i said that i wont be talking too much of these..personal stuff....maybe.....lets see.....

anyways cant wait for the blog group would be so cool!!!!! and with that note my uni friends are pretty good too...we know that already, well i do....but some are just you know.......h.s friends are still there and its all cool........

ok gotta stop now..... i write so much....its so hard to much to say....


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Sunday, October 27, 2002
i woke up when i heard the sugababes music clip play in video hits. the video was pretty cool and i wanted to see it again since the last time i saw it was when i was talking to jos one late night a few weeks back.

i looked over at the counter and there i saw nutri grain, there was a picture of age of empires, the game, and i was reading it while eating the cereal. and then i was game! they are giving away the age of empires 1 and is rated G8+. and its such a good game!!!!! wow! we have come along way when we used to buy it for things as simple as stickers, cutout pictures, tattos and plastic toys. now they are giving way cd rom games. whats cool....the kids will be living in a different world.

i was watching woder years and i remember whe i first came here, my older cousins used to watch it. there was this time that i really remembered, it was raining and cold and they made hot food and we were just watching wonder years...the feeling of confort just remebering how simple things were....issues tackled by this kinda shows is not just one tracked and its everythnig like todays was about we are not alone....never alone and we forget that we are not going through life alone, there are people with the same issues and knowing that and even going through it with them makes it alright after all....

gotta go watch forevermore....

its so good!!!!!!!! no one beats filo movies. it may have no speacial effects or expensive budgets but it makes you so happy and entertained! the story is so nice! mangos, country side, dreams and love, and happiness.... omg i feel so in love just watching cute...the scenes and the ideas! my whole family watched it so its all good!

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Saturday, October 26, 2002
one of the things that tick me off is a foul mouth. i would be so offended if anyone talk about my country like crap. i cant stand when anyone says that Philippines or even Australia is a disgusting country and the people suck ass. It makes me really mad, how could they say that? I dreamt that a celebrity said that while being interviewed that,
what an a$#h#. i cant stand it. I woke up so pissed. and that goes for anyone calling me and my love ones s%$ like that.

while i was having breakfast my mum was telling me and my sister (dad took bro to station to go to motor show with couzins) she was saying how our family in cananda is completely wrecked. uncle could be dying, daughter married and both have no job, wife is narrowminded, son i dont know...all living at a friends house coz they sold their house to pay debt...they are the same people that had 2 houses and 2 cars and bragged about it.....i feel so bad and worried about what happened to them...i hope things look uncle said he wants to die in phils and for the last weeks my mum keeps dreaming that my uncle holidaying in mum is gonna call coz a letter just arrived yesterday and the story isnt accurate yet and somethnig happened before that is hard for some people to communicate. then in the middle of the conversation i broke a plate. please god, let this turn out good...

doesn't everyone actually look for the perfect one and not second best? YES some actually wait and try not to dive in.....but most are NO...some are just too desperate to be with someone and choose whoever walks in first, its sad.

things i wanna learn
>touch type
>learn guitar
>martial arts

*change of style is coming on...i hope

i just watched videoki nice kinda funny....the song is so sweet.....i think its kumusta ka by ray vallera...just like tameme by jolina....or the never gonna change my love fo you song
its goes like this..

ahahah ahahah la lah
tandahan mo na lang ang sasabihin ko sayo
pagibig kong itoy di magbabago
bastat kapiling ka sa buhay ko
(kahit malayo ka sa piling ko)
umalan bumagyo ayos lang ayos lang
huwag kang mangangamba okey lang okey lang
walang iba sa akin ayos lang ayos lang
dahil ikaw ang king/queen
sa buhay ko.....

so nice....
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Friday, October 25, 2002
the weather was so nice this afternoon. we were waiting for meb to pick jos, viv and me after psycho tute, we were under these maple like trees, it was nice and greens, the fresh green colour. i wanted to capture and my friends would be there too, we posed, took some nice pics. it was kinda windy, the sun was shining so bright and there are fluffy clouds just hanging around, fresh air. we waited in the shade and talked. how good is that.....also walking around and laughing with meb and viv about somethnig chatting with hosai's online u town? came home early...its kinda raining right now the, breeze is cold, and i wanna feeling tired...i need a long sleep! night!
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after beckering at each others throat at lunch last wednesday about who will have a better restuarant? MV or JAA...of course JAA!!!...we are open for everyone!!! maybe that didnt come out in we cater for everyone not just high-levelness.

the group was complete as in hosai and roya came and stayed yesterday....and we took pics of the remaining fellowship members still at uni....btw congrats beenz for the new job!!!! JAMVA went to chillis for dinner, blessing from jos and we ate so much.....and partied the night away UWS party, shakiya, selwyn and coyete dancers plus dj motto and other dj's was included in the free uni disco. awesome!....of course we had fun and of course we had some suiters especially for meb and her squeezer friend.

the night did not end there. jos, viv and me ended up catching the night ride...since the train are kinda dead....we were like shocked and sad at first and realise that we talked and reflected.... i ended up home sweet home at 2:30am. glad parents are ok with it...i think...coz my dad called, i explained....and its all ok and mum didnt say much last night when i came home...coz i told my bro and sis when they picked me and jos up........anyways its such an awesome time with friends...dancing with glowsticks!

i am broke now from a very busy week of fun! hosai wants to go to movie today with us....i sorry...but next time. i need to go home early tonight for a change...feel bad ive been coming home late....i just wanna enjoy the last weeks of uni...and i didnt get enough sleep...hope bituin tape is there. oh....sis and bro are ok with their they say....

some topics discussed (d&m)...........
what would you wanna do? or be what kinda celebrity?
how do u know we were friends?
did you think we would be here? and friends?
would u go out with someone and not really know them?
ready to die?
whats life for you?
so many topics......deep and oh so meaningful.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2002
Of these things, which is most important to you? (relationship/partner)

Of these qualities, which is the most important to share with a lover?

Which statement do you most strongly agree with? People, in general, should:
Mind their own business
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Be less focused on material possessions
Be more honest
Be more responsible
>Appreciate what life has given them
Read more

Most people are (pick the best option):

The one message I most strongly want my children to hear is:
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Make friends
Go with the flow
Use your creativity
Give to others
Never forget your goals

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002
ohh...i am a gravitational sister said and meb and jos think so.....just downloading filo songs since i got some old english songs already....while surfing pages! internet and the things we can do now...
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dss is something i would rather do than programming, its so cool. its more analytical and support and stuff, programming can be very monoteness and the fact that i can do analysis than programming is the key reason, anyways its just a cool subject.

after dss jos and i saw amali and meb, we bumped into hosai a bit later. but she left to do some work. just us 4 left and drove to eat somewhere and found ourself at a petrol station, jos told me and amalee the ending of felicity while meb got petrol. we decided to eat at the thai place since chilli is postponed for another day and we have gone to almost all takeway place like taco and burger king. but we dropped by bennz place to say hello. i stayed in the car coz her parents are home and i just looked outside at the garden and was distracted when jos' mobile rang and i decided to pick it up since it was hosai, sorry jos. ate my lunch and sat there, when i started writing they came and it was actually good coz it was getting hot. meb asked if i wrote already and was teasing her that she cant read it, she grabbed it....omg....

thai place was nice the food was good and meb led the blessing. we talked and ate and laughed. meb likes beaches, amali's racist high school and jos is afraid of water, jellyfish and beach vs pools plus other sexual enuendo (cant spell) after lunch amlee wanted to be dropped at the station and took the book to write on.

after getting my mark for info sec (kinda ok) and not finding hosai, jos, meb and i went to the library and talk or maybe study (as exmas ti'll 3 weeks) jos taught meb how to make the bracelet band and i watched. we talked the rest of the aftenoon ti'll 7 when the library was nearly emptym and closing. its so S. for special. it was nice and yeah pretty good. we can sit there and talk.

meb drove us all the way home and dropped by my house. i forgot to say thanks! thanks meb! i thought they were joking when they wanted to come in, since she locked jos out of her in my street, after looking at our garden they came in, meb was kinda embarassed or something. came in.... filo video was on, parents eating and sis studying for hsc and bro was at charmaline's coz they have to organize something for being house captains.....whatever.... and they sat while i got some drinks. all i could offer was diet coke and jos cant drink it so i weird... that we just sat there for a while, meb was forcing jos to see my room...ok...and was telling me they have a similar cushion, jos said our house is so clean, finally they asked to see my pile for my box/scrapbook and i got it and yeah...thats all.

havent been online, im so happy that i have no more layouts to upload. thats it, i'll stick with this one for a while. got so stressed about putting one and another. found out form meb its only 3 weeks not 2 ti'll stu vac....good good good....cant wait ti'll thursday night...i hope we all go, since it could be the last time and its like the biggest they said! cant wait!

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Monday, October 21, 2002
hello!!! new layout!!! finally the last update!!! me blue and gray!!!
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FridayFive.Org but its like getting to know you thing..................

1. What are your favorite ways to relax and unwind?
>>watch a favourate show while eating some yummy food

2. What do you do the moment you get home from work/school/errands?
>>say hello to everyone then change clothes and wash

3. What are your favorite aromatherapeutic smells?
>>dont know....fresh air!

4. Do you feel more relaxed with a group of friends or hanging out by yourself?
>>hanging out by myself

5. What is something that you feel is relaxing but most people don't?
>>sitting and nothnig to do. no problems or errands in the horizon. full on nothing....i can do that

1. Would you say that you're good at keeping in touch with people?
>>yes. i think so.

2. Which communication method do you usually prefer/use: e-mail, telephone, snail mail, blog comments, or meeting in person? Why?
>>all, i like and use all forms

3. Do you have an instant messenger program? How many? Why/why not? How often do you use it?
>>yes, all. im hardly online to have time to chat.

4. Do most of your close friends live nearby or far away?
>>pretty close

5. Are you an "out of sight, out of mind" person, or do you believe that "distance makes the heart grow fonder"?
>>i say "distance makes the heart grow fonder"

1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why?
>>art. i can just sit there and create whatever i want.

2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
>>so many! they really care about teaching and really nice

3. What is your favorite memory of school?
>>hangingout with friends either just talking or doing something crazy

4. What was your favorite recess game?
>>handball or tips

5. What did you hate most about school?
>>p.e. i hate changing in front of everyone, uncomfotable

1. What is your biggest pet peeve? Why?
litter. why do people have to polute and smoking!!!!!!!

2. What irritating habits do you have?
>>i can be too demanding and in our too much about me.....

3. Have you tried to change the irritating habits or just let them be?
>>i dont know....whatever happens happens. but if i know its bad i try to.

4. What grosses you out more than anything else? Why?
>>snakes and spiders and reptiles and insects eating....

5. What one thing can you never see yourself doing that other people do?
>>smoking......why smoke....yukkk

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hey! i have to make this brief....
wednesday came and jos gave me my friedship band. it was so nice and green and peach. we both went home early after dss tute to do dss while viv, meb and amlee stayed back......but i didnt end up doing anything. i got lazy and was just making the bracelet. it was fun and so i just thought tomorrow i wont be coming to uni and so i will do it then.
the next day thursday and i got lazy and started watching bituin (i am loving that filo show!!!) and then i got a call from hosai and told me that we have os due, i thought about it a while to do os or dss. i made the right decison and ran to uni at the middle of the day to do os, i had to abandon dss.
i got there and no one was there. i started os, thank god i have help from past labs from friends. i was nearly finished and here came hosai and roya and told me we had an extension ....what??!!!...anyways we decided to might as well finish it and hanged out a while, while waiting for the printout that didnt print. it was good to see roya since she rarely comes to uni and also personally greeted hosai HAPPY B-DAY!!!
we decided to to v labs and saw meb, viv and amlee, but we had to hurry coz hosai and roya wanted to watch a movie. we printed and left and took amlee who wanted to get a lift from the station. we posted it at the station and caught the train with amlee who showed me pics from taronga zoo and her friends and b-day party. some looked really nice. as in enlarged and framed. got home and it was my DADs mini birthday party HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ate marlyn and kuya conrad came and a couple of my brothers friends charmaline and enrico for some reason. then i started DSS at around 8 and took breaks by watching bituin again with bro and sis. i decided to sleep at around 2:30am since the time its due was not said so i gathered it' due anytime that day, it wa late and i dint bother sending it so i thought id sent it tomorrow.
i got to uni early and found help from email sent by jos, mebs/raj, i sent mine and headed to psycho. we got our marks and we we were all pretty much disappointed (its not what we wrote its about the correct facts and using book isnted od sites) he marked very strict pointing out every single grammer and spelling errors and facts that werent accurate. we stayed for the video (where we passed around papers b/w jos me and viv, talking about our insecurities) and then decided to have lunch before dss ass2. where most ly talked about filo stuff and bituen and songs all filo.
got to the v labs and did it. jos left early for work at 2:30 not worrying too much about the details. and so viv and me stayed and meb came to finish hers off. they both sent it around the same time. was doing their pages while i kept doing it. meb left and viv stayed, i was getting late.i told viv to go but wanted to stay and wait. i fnally finished around 8 and just stayed around looking at pages.....9 came and still there and viv told me about her net send encounter...oooww....and her pages. we left at 9:30 and walked to the bus stop. we could hear saturate party on at uni.
we talked about the two weeks we have left and other stuff and waited while we ate our sandwiches (her sandwich was made by jos....sweet.. and mine by my mum)...
viv cant get over her psycho paper and her the station we talked more coz our trian comes the same time and she told me she had to catch th taxi coz the last bus came. we got into our carriages and saw each other..waving and glad she stayed with me ti'll i finshed it.
called home and my bro and sis picked me up. my sister drove. and before we headed home, my sis carla wanted to drive more and thought to drive though our driving learners route where my bro kevin will be practicing. dad called us on the mobile to ask whats taking us ages just before we drove in the driveway.
at night i posted my new page and wrote a note to meb then slept
the next day came and it was so hot, mum nagged asking us to clean up coz we woke up kinda late (im happy now coz everything is clean and done and now they are just watching filo movie kapatid (see bits and picies) and scorpion king later but not yesterday) it was hot and i was fixing tje backyard and our room, bro and sis bathed qt and barkley, coz ive done it 2 times before. afternoon made my new layout and replied from mebs comments. its ok now. while my bro and sis studied for hs and hsc, dad planeted vegies and mum slept after she cleaning. i got a call at night from paulo to go out. me, paulo, shannon, eddie and john. just the boys. went out for dinner to the the city and everything was closing or closed coz of the day of mourning from the bali blast, we forgot. we ate at maccs and eddie insted so he shouted...thanks ed!!! we talked and talked...catch up and stuff which is cool! job and uni and looking and nats party where i wasnt invited. eddie and john is gonna organize a time after exams to go to a jazz club, havent been so cool! and paulo is gonna organize another weekend getaway this summer. cant wait.
got home and found that i missed TERI's party...last minute, tonight as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!. but we'll do lunch....i so want to and took some pics with us 4, ness, bec, teri and me....
blogged. went to sleep, woke up today and just did a bit of work and just do nothing...and my 2/4 weeks will be hectic....last weeks of uni, assignment and me god!!! .so im just chilling this weekend.....
plan >>> going to church this arvo and put my page up tonight that i will keep for a while and go to uni earlier tomorrow coz i have work on ai coz i think its due plus meet hosai to do iwsd, i doubt i can help much...i can try.... anyways gonna start study and assignments this week..or i'll be stressing again last minute stuff...please i have to start early cant stand it... ok...gonna go eat lunch now...hope the plan works.....
this brief???!
written: sunday arvo

plan didnt work. went to church with bro and sis and when we got home, mum was cleaning my sisters room and there she found her report card which wasnt good and suppose to not have yet and the clothes from the dance that my parents didnt know about, lets just say our parents were sooo diappointed and pissed. mum was so angry she didnt eat dinner. bro and sis both got it but my sister was more in deep but she said, she had to lie coz she wouldnt be able to do anything and i said now u learnt from it. but yeah. it was quite last night.
cant change my page coz sis was using pc, then meb called and we talked for ages, we kinda talked about what actually happened, the fight, life and death and scrapbook plus other stuff. so yeah.
this morning meb picked me and chris up from the walk to uni and hanged with meb a while ti'll jos came and then we found out form shamaila that ai prac is due got us stressed.
i waited and ti'll the last minute to get it marked and when we was looking and asking about my program he was smirking and jos said it happened to her too.i was kinda embarassed but more pissed. i cant believe how stressful it is. meb left for jap and we left hos with shamaila and loraine, coz we didnt bother doing iwsd coz there is no point.walked to the station with jos, in time for train and bus. got home and my sis finshed her first hsc exam. she said its ok. not much. watchced and cleaned at 3, sister went to sleep, my brother is home with his friend enrico and mum got home and is now making dinner waiting for a call to dad to ask him to buy smething b4 he gets home but i think he left work already. i want to go online and change my layout and blog and surf and check email and stuff but cant so i'll sleep and do it 2night after 24 and ally while writing on the fotsr book.
written: monday arvo
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Saturday, October 19, 2002
just got home...with paulo, john, shannon and eddie, soo good to see them. and i completely forgot TERI's birthday!!!! happy birthday!!!!! xoxoxoxox and her invite was late....urghhhh....but yeah we will do lunch soon.
havent blogged. but nearly done the new layout, its simple and nice about me....and im glad that meb commented back. glad that its ok.
i am feeling so tired right now. the day was so hot. and the night was so quite, we were at the city and looking for a place to eat and we couldnt figure it out why until i got home and my bro and sis said its the day of mourning for the bali incident. i forgot that too. r.i.p. and let their be peace and healing.
sleep tight and dont let the bed bugs bite!
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i am so happy that we finished the DSS assingment2 and stuff happened like the OS lab and stuff. urghh.....i'll describe the week later.
Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! (oct17) hope you have many more birthdays to come!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

This is my new layout again, actually this has been here a while but i decided i cannot not make it and not publish it. its pretty nice so, yeah its here and is called ballons!
umm this weekend is basically making a new layout that should last me a while so yeah i cant wait to post it b4 monday. yeah im so sleepy and also i'll blog lots more later.

also i cant just sit here and pretend it doesnt bother me and so i decided to write a little note to meb.

night all!
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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
i decided to walk to the station. i think it would be nice to walk this time and it was! it wasnt dark at all. twilight....just nice. fresh air, ate and took pics and just relaxed. taking my time and admired the scene. so nice.
yeah just got home. parents went paid bills and decided to go shopping...coz dad got paid....sister just got home was late from the library, we just picked her up. my brother working out and not helping out. why? i do... mum is cleaning and watching asap and some filo shows like sharon, the buzz, morning girls and mtb and the drama bituin and sometimes comedy like home along the relis and the teen tabing ilog...... and dad is cooking .....well frying but he wanna watch smallville and csi later...... 24 was so good last night!!!!....australians shows???....well i/we watch the news and current affairs and lifetime or variety shows like rove live, the panel and better homes and gardens type makeover..ground force and location location. the occasional soap like home and away and neghtbours and my dad watches some drama/action like stingers or another, but not really...ok thats all..
yeah i wanted to post this new page.....should have done to last night but was disconnected....but here it is...dont know i wanna finish the yarn-band or dss - the mark ....i'll try and do work then..... and the labs.....betta try and do work...not sure...ok im hungry and were gonna eat now. .....yumm food! dinner..
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after hanging out all day with jos and raj too but he was mostly doing dss ass2 but was kind enough to help us and give us pointes, coz some people mainly meb who ran away when she saw us. anyways. viv, amali and meb left and didnt bother coming back or say hello...hint:something is wrong.
mmmm......meb and viv come back later on to make everything uncomfortable by pretending we werent there, ignoring us. whats with them? i know its meb who is having some drama about somethnig she heard wrong. but thats her problem, she made it. i know i didnt say or do anything tragic about her, jos think so to. she just thinks what she heard is about her, vain? and the fact she cant even ask us. even though asking isnt her style..... but to think about how she is acting now. childish? .....she is basically throwing away the things we knew and talked about since open forum about being friends... but i knew there was something wrong ever since she hurriedly left after amali and didnt bother to say bye. she'll work it out herself.
anyways lets not dwell on that. i am so happy i am learning how to make the hand made bracelets using yarns that is traditionally called friendship bands made for friends. it is so sweet. i really love it. thanks jos!!!!
yeah and ive been trying to upload my new page called 81 - my birthyear, black and white all dirty, messy and nice. i cant wait....i have to do it tonight. i need to use all these layouts i have made.....jos and raj liked the x-men, but more raj coz he is a fan like me! .....but they both prefer 81! they really like it! im merry!. i like all the pages i made, equally.
urghh.....i have to do dss assignment 2, cant wait to finish it coz i'll put the last layout on the weekend and that will be the second last change. by monday i'll have one that i will stick too. so cool!!! i now know about the making website
ps. my brother actually like 81 and like jos they think i should keep it a while. but i already made plans.
after leavng them im here now and hosai isnt here at os. where is she? i'll go home at 6. ok gonna surf more. laters!
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Monday, October 14, 2002
whats happening with the world? what happened to bali? just like new york. why are people like this?
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Saturday, October 12, 2002
scrapbook is the key word this weekend! oh! when i got home last friday! i got somethnig so special! it made me so happy! at the end the of the week when i just wanted to crash and relax for the weekend and in the mail i got a big amazing surprise hello and gift from bec!!! just like that. just a note it said! and just 2 movie ticket included! just made my whole week! just made me soo happy!!!!!!! thanks so much for thinking of me bec. i felt so special, i told jos about it and i was just so ecstatic!!!!!! i love the thought and the gift and you have no idea how special and good i felt. first time i got something like that out of nowhere and not an ocasion or expectation and it just made me soooooo happy!!! bec ur the greatest and u are such a cool kind and amazing friend!!!!!!! im still excited just thinking about it!!!
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Friday, October 11, 2002
after psycho me, jos and viv had a nice lunch and talked quite a bit at the cottage. its been while since its just JAV. it was great, our conversation and the food and just sharing experiences, family and personal stories and latest news. cool and fun! after that we watched the panda video that viv brought. it was cutie cute. and now me and viv are about to get home, jos left early to work and was really excited about something, cant wait for it!
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Thursday, October 10, 2002
x-men is the best cartoon ever! the characters are so cool. i wanted to have super powers! and XMEN is my new layout. i was trying to make it look techy and metallic like silver and gold. i tried. but its ok.
didnt bother going to uni today and its pretty good coz its cloudy and rainy and im just lazing around the house with bro and sis on their school break.
yesterday was good. after the tutorial where jos, viv and amali left me and meb at the lecture room, didnt bother waiting therefore we created MAA. we went to taco bell and ate lunch. where viv and meb ganged up on me,jos and amlee...(jav mav) lets just say they had a suckessful sucksession, nibbling/picking on cheese using fork and spoon and sucking wine. lol....the floor was so wet that they had to mop it. oh and this lady with her kids and husband kept staring and smiling at meb who couldnt control her mouth and the things viv said....ewww
got home late after talking to jos most of the afternoon, amlee blogged, viv did her site and meb left without saying bye. we wanna group scrapbook!!! cant wait to see the pics i took!!! ok gonna go relax now....
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Wednesday, October 09, 2002
Kissing by the Signs: Wondering how to satisfy your lover's ardent feelings? Keep reading for insight into the passionate nature of the Signs and then take the Kissing Style Quiz to discover what your liplocks reveal about you and your romantic destiny!

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i just got up to see her and i got 0.5 more so that makes 3.5 which is a slight improvement... there is so much i need to learn. its good that i knew these and that she made a midterm. now i know my mistakes and what i need to do. which is study more!!! yes i'll do that. hopefully i'll learn from this. i am still disappointed that i got this mark but i still have a big chance of passing. now i feel relived that i dont have to wait and i got to see her and got my park. i can move on and not so much worry about it since finals is still a few weeks later. bur yeah cool....

so excited avril, this girl ask if i wanted to be hosted! so cool! but i cant, im ok with angelfire so yeah. so nice of her to invite me! i'll link her! ummm...yes what else. gonna reply to post now and try and cheer myself up for the bad start of the day. later!
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yesterday was good where me jos and meb stayed in that room for a long chat after watching ali g. viv left after the movie for the net and amle left shortly after that.

but i cant help feel so pissed off about my mark for info sec. i got a 3 out of 10 and i am suppose to see her if i can get 2 more to make it 5 coz i think there is some mistake or something, one she said she'll give us credit if we used last years formula and the other, i followed the tutorial solutions and i got it wrong and im sure it half mark or something. so last night i coudnt stop thinking about it.

this morning i left home early to see her coz her consultation time was 9-11 (tue and wed) and shes not here yet. i have come back 2 times and shes not there. why do they post that their consulation time is on those hours and they cant even turn up on time or turn up at all? i dont wanna wait ti'll next week to fix this up. i rather now coz i have other things to do (assigment, post and reply and just chill). i thought i'll be finish by now but no........even if my mark stay the same after seeing her, my mind wont be going round in circles and i'll be settled and know for sure but now where im just here waiting....urghh....where is she???

anyways....gotta check up again and if not i will email her for an appointment...why more work???
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Monday, October 07, 2002
try this....

Friday Five:
1. What size shoe do you wear?
7 to 8 i think --- in australia
2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
3 plus lotsa slippers
3. What type of shoe do you prefer (boots, sneakers, pumps, etc.)?
sleepers....skethers like are good
4. Describe your favorite pair of shoes. Why are they your favorite?
mostly black.... durable....and a little thing that stands out like a white strike or red star....whatever..
5. What's the most you've spent on one pair of shoes?
100 something....
my last show is everlast and its 60$! love bargains!
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after talking to jos late friday night about some peoples insecurities and videohits plus other stuff, where we had not one weird moment of silence...... i stayed up and was still making some changes on new designs and around 3am my parents told me to sleep. it was late.
i woke up hearing my mum asking what i was doing on the computer day in and out. umm making my page. it is so fun!

i slept it until i heard the lawn mower started. i was so tired and doing the yard is not what i need right now. i decided to wake up to help out before they bring up me staying up late at night. the rest if the afternoon i went back to sleep. i was so tired.

i was woken up by hearing that we are going to church. before the mass paulo called and said that he is back from phils today and wanted to go out. i said call me after 7 coz i had to go to church. everyone was there. as in my whole family. and i had an itchy nose. so itchy. so annoying.

got home and had dinner. they called me quarter pass 7 and said that its just john, paulo and me. it was cool they came at half pass and drove to kfc where paulo brought take away since he didnt have dinner yet. he has lost weight! i was so happy for him! he looked great! (mostly coz his doctor said so but still...)

john shouted us some mcflurrys! yummy orio flavour for me and is now working full time. and will be back in uni next year part-time that will take him 4 years to finish. good on him!!! they were asking how i am going to graduate!!! so happy... they were like wohoo!!! we forgot shannon graduated too!

the night was just driving. paulo driving his rav4. we got to the city. but didnt go out. dont know why. after asking if we can walk for the 15th time i gave up. we talked about how each other is and people we know.....everyone is good. thing seems well for everyone. so nice seeing them again. "hump me" and "u gotta lick it" was the song i used to sing. lol. memories how john got away with things coz he was friends with the teachers and paulo used to surprised everyone about his atheletism at p.e. class

before we got to the city we dropped into olympic park. paulo said they announced that they made this feature where all the names of the volunteers were engraved, it was a group of poles and there was videos and speakers and lights and our names. it was nice i saw my name "SORIANO, Arvin" i felt so proud and merry! we saw shannon's and paulo's too.

we drove passed at oxford st and realised shannon is going to sleazy, the name of the place, that night.....and also wodered why all the gay and lesbians only think about sex. well thats how they are shown, they are seen as promiscious and sex track tv and in what u hear...pretty bad. but cant generalise... also how so many people can be so boring when all they do is go out and party as we drove pass the city, but paulo and john dont like whats the difference...too much on one side and too little on the other....

one of the other topic of the conversation was of labour day tomorrow. and how the govn right now is stuffing up australia how they are cutting hecs(education), medicare(health care) and implemented gst(yukkkk), selling telstra, urghhh...i am so pissed me off. they are changing australia. they are americanising them as in we taking off things that only australia has.......maybe it works for other countries but lets not ruin our country, also conspiracy of the sep11 and how it can be done by inteligence and how now america is now the leading the fight. and is backup by other countries. and so much more but cant say right now, also how there is some sort of war every 9 years....did you know weapons have around 9 years expirie date. my friends dad work for the defense and mum and him and everyone listens to a lot of resources. i felt like i didnt know anything. i wanna know and be involved.

did u know that day where there was free lunch at uni plus the giant jumping castle, it was because we were trying to fight that hecs thing and now there is interset and that the fees can be anything the indidual uni wants. we should fight more. they are taking away the things that makes australia a lucky country. free healthcare and education. well close to free and so many benifits are not being cut back and yet they have money to send trops and fight and start a war while this mum brought her child to the doctors and the doctor wont see them unless she pays $50, what happens of that happnes for each visit for evereyone. that actually happens in other countires. did u know america declared israel/jeruslem/palestine or something, the city center and now it will cause more conflict and control of oil is the major cause of this which is land and not so much religion. i am so not aware of these. i want to, i want to do something.

lastly we went pass paulo's house (family) which is getting build and gave us a tour around the construction site with a flashlight.
got home and me, bro and sis coudnt got to sleep and watched trainspotting on tv. and it was yukk.....drugs sex and being stupid and we saw ewan mcgregor's penis. lol. my sis said it looks looks it too.

today after bathing the dogs. mums friend esper and husband and baby charline came over as well as ate marlyn and kuya conrad came for lunch and dad had a bbq. yumm....

ate marlyn taped this new show in the filo channel TFC, bituin(star) and it is pretty good. i teared up in the first episode, where we watched 5 or 6 episodes of 25mins in a row. the story is good. the one that made me sad was when this girl was selling sampagita(rose) in front of the church and singing, then she got home and their squatter home was getting destroyed. i was looking at the people's home being torn apart and they cant do anything. they try to salvage everything but cant. its so sad. ur home being destroyed the poor people were just crying and screamin for help and noone is coming.

i remembered when me and my cousin used to sell ice candy made by my grandma in the supermaket. we walk around, just to earn extra money. also did this handicrafts where this big truck that comes around our neighbourhood and gives out baskets that needs to be woven. and they come back the next week and we get money for weaving their baskets.but there is this thing that i didnt try, early in the morning these kids would go and wake up early in the morning to go church and before it finishes they either have made these sampaguitas (small white perfumed flowers-filos national flower) or get it from a bigger shop and sell it to people who go to church and they get money for seeling them and when they sell its kinda like begging to buy it. i am feeling really sad and then they go home and buy whatever food that they can. i can just imagine how some people would do other things just to earn a just a bit of money. im just blank right now.

my brother is such as a prick sometimes. he just asked what i was typing and when i told him thoughts and what happened then he just laughed at me, and still laughing (he told me to say that) and my sistet too was kinda but more like... why question....this afternnoon. so what? saw meb's page all up! so nice!

we went to lola epay's b-day (its my uncles side of the family) and uncle boys kids didnt tun up at all. my sis was studying so just me and my brother came with mum and dad. the other side was all there. and everyone was just watching the nrl finals where the rooster won againt the warriors 30-8. yey!!!!!!!! mostly spoke with steven. im so full so much food! ok got to go. im so tired.

oh mar invited me to be hosted! she likes my page and im so stoked! so cool but im gonna stay here at angelfire for now. thanks! and my friends like it too!

just saw american beauty and saw mira suvari's tits and we think its pretty flat. its a pretty good movie. my bro just reliased that a blog is like a diary online. um duh....what did he think it was when i was showing him other sis got in trouble coz my parents thinks thats there is something going on with guy coz he came and picked up the cd that she made for tomorrows dance for the parents dont know they are cousin jeff is picking them up for a different reason....cover up...will kinda coz they are actually helping him out as well...not sure...i dont think i'll come to the filo fiesta tomorrow, public holiday! just chill at home. ill post this sleepy......decided about what to do for my new

current time:12:23am mon7oct.2002
music:none coz my brother si trying to sleep from my typing noise..
food:too late


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Sunday, October 06, 2002
so much to say. so many things happpened. busy weekend. yeah got to go to yet another occasion.
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Friday, October 04, 2002
the weather is so weird....really swiltering hot and cold was so hot while we were cleaning and now it looks like rain. i like rainy days especially when i am home and just relaxing. us 3 kids cleaned the house. glad its done. i am so addicted to making new look for my page....urghh...its so fun! yeha thats all. my friends beenish, azeena and donna graduated yesterday! congrats all! cant wait for our turn! but i am enjoying uni life except assessments.....last day of holiday break...then back to uni tuesday....public holiday monday!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, October 02, 2002
i was watching this documentary. its about what made humans move from simple life to great civilisations. Ruth this archeologist found this place in Peru and there her and her team found that warfare was not the reason as so many other historians and archeologist believe but it is of trade and i was so captivated watching it. at the end they conluded that from peace great thngs happens. did you know that place called Caral, didnt have a war for 1000 years.

my sister just told me the last episode of felicity and her and my brother wathed it. where was i? i wanna see it. she cried coz of what happening with her friends as well and said that the ending was ooo good. so does anyone have it. i wanna see it, even though i knw what happened. i use to love that show. they started uni same time as me.

my brother thinks jos and mebs page are pretty good. he thinks mine is kinda crap. ok. lol. i am jealous though. so there u go. btw mebs page is awesome red and didnt expect it to be like that. its really good!

they said that our parents know that they competed at grove, when they washed their customes.....they saw that it matches their
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btw....heres my new page. it is TLC, one of my favourate music. they are coming out with a new album in november. i know the page is so bright, since i havent had this kinda style, i did one!
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my sister was telling me and my brother about what really happened and mostly her friends wrecked her night. well not completely. but its all becoz of her friends having guys around that they like, keep splitting up all night, my sister she didnt really say what she did but i think... there was one there for her but she wanted that night to be with her friends...from what i heard and the thnigs she didnt say that i didnt bother asking was that she kinda had one. its one of those thnigs like from my brother that i didnt want to know. its pretty crap. i hate the fact that i am still holding on to their childhood. it wasnt just the girls that went to the beach a few others and i dont want to imagine. she actually smiled and memntioned a guy just like brother does with girls. i hope my bro and sis dont get too is waiting for ur life and later u can find someone. but not yet.
i am so cold. i was watching ally mcbeal and how she forgot to love. and i felt the same. i mean i have hope but im never really a sappy person. i have always been so detached.
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Tuesday, October 01, 2002
heya! i cant go online to post this coz my brother is on the phone, so i am just going to write it here.
today was good actually. slept in and woke up late and pop into my head "look for old autogragh books" that i have stashed away and hopefully wasnt thrown out accidenttally. the shed was packed of boxes actually only a dozen and labeled so it it didnt take long to find it. i found one book that i asked friends from jp2 (senior highschool) to sign and also some planner/diary where i wrote due dates and plans for study, so i didnt bother taking it and left it in the box. i also came across my sisters old diary that she wrote on when she was in year 2 and it was so sweet. i read 2 lines and showed it her where she snapedat me for reading it. but i just cheacked what it was, i wasnt snooping.
i read that book and it was so nice, it made me think about the journals i kept when i was in highschool. i threw it out. its not like i was scared of someone reading it since most of the stuff i wrote were trivial and had very few feelings and thoughts, but i just wanted to let go. and i did. i just didnt need it. i feel bad coz there was so many things that i wanted to remember from there, i wanna remember how i was. i actually know how i was back then but i want to see me, when i used to read back at it, i use to see me, how i was and my life. i want evidence. but its ok. this is a new start and i'll just add old memories here too.
as i read though the book where my friends wrote i was taken back to that era. i remembered the things i did, my friends did and what it was like. it was so nice. i''l tell you quotes later....
i had brunch and me and me brother cleaned/weeded the vegie garden ready for planting. one more day then my dad will finish it and plant this weekend. my parents are keen gardeners and thats how i got my green thumb.
it was hot, its getting hot. yet its cold at nights.
my sister was suppose to help but she got way with it coz shes studying for hsc but when we got back in the house she was sleeping. lol.
dinner was at bow's restaurant. my cousin Joel has graduated. CONGRATS!!! i think he graduated this morning and he looks so happy! i wish him well! the whole clan (family) was there and a few of his friends. the food came late at start and by the end there was so many food that we had to doggy bag them. yes they are allowed. it was nice to see everyone. everyone is good and well and happy. thank God! The next generation of kids, were all there, they were playing and i rememeber that they were like us when we first came here and now we are all gown up. Time flys!!! Life is good!
ps. cant wait ti'll 24 next week! bye!
pss. ive been downloading tlc snippets of their new album. i cant wait. they rock!
psss. my sister just told me that there was that tradition where u walk out of the school and everyone claps for you, since the school opened and for some reason i wasnt there and i missed out, where was i when that happened? fine



got those symbols (up there) at penta idea what it is..
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