Friday, March 29, 2002
So much to tell you
29.mar.02.fri.10: 36am

Its Good Friday and my parents actually slept in, wow, my bro and sis woke up and watched dragon ball z but I decided that I should finish the book I am currently reading. Sis went back to bed, while bro went to make breakfast. Wow.

By the way my dad just popped in and started reading the first line I wrote in the friends blog and said that I am wasting my time and I should be studying, well if I can get online and download all my notes and stuff that is due. I'll be happy to do it. OK

So back to my family: dad, mum, bro and me went to have breakfast but sis went back to bed, but when it was time to clean up and tidy up the house, my bro went to bed. And now that its finished he woke up and is now watching the tele, typical. I just finished my choirs and really bored, its so quite, no music or anything, Good Friday, its suppose to be, we werenít suppose to clean, just be on our own and stuff, but since my mum is so clean fanatic, we have to clean up.

Yeah I am so curious what Jos had for her fortune or anybody else who got it done. I hope someone tell me, I still have to listen to the tape from mine, still havenít had the chance but Mariebel, Benns and An already had, Mariebel got hers done but we werenít there, slack, I want to be there and listen to hers, but she told me most of the stuff and she has all the good stuff to happen to her, lucky her.

Yes the ketchup incident, well there was this free BBQ at uni and I had my hands full with books so I was asking mariebel to get stuff to me and then she squirt the ketchup all over my pants and shoes, thank god it didnít go to my white shirt but she also had stuff on her arm. .lolÖ it was funny, the rest of the day I was walking around the campus with a big stain on my pants. *yuk*

I just remembered the time when the high level joke we had, we were talking high level. Lol, funny stuff there, I had stitches, just make sure itís noted and remembered here.

I am so pissed I still didnít get a reply form my transition to the new course, and its due 31st march so I wrote 4 emails in 2 different accounts with the same message, please reply now. Itís not my fault I did what was said in the bulletin board and now itís their turn.

Boring X 3 - What am I going to do today? Probably just read.

I donít know what to do, I just finished the other book and Iím on my next one, I should be really be studying for uni. But I need my notes first. We are having fish and vegies for lunch so nice, just had a taste, and the TV are full of stuff about Jesus stories and I think Iíve seen all of it.

I just moved all these from notepad to word, so many stuff to fix. I wish I had cable Internet so Iíll be connected all the time.

Can you tell I am bored and writing more than I should, but whatís the limit anyways?

Whoever you are, yeah you, the person reading this right now, hi, hello, how do u like or not liking it so far? lol jokes

I was napping just a few seconds ago and realise that I was invited to go clubbing with An tonight, yes right now, I could be getting ready and partying!!! Yeah like thatís gonna happen, I wanna go so much. Itís going storm again tonight I think. All these slangs I throw around just keeps piling up in this Word Processor, it doesnít like it or something and I could not be bothered changing it right now, Iím gonna go and have coffee to keep awake

My dad just came in and I read him the last paragraph and he said something about wasting my time againÖ. what? about writing this or clubbing? Ok let me have some coffee or hot chocolate. And then get back reading the second book. Decided that Iím not gonna start uni work till Monday. Hope I have enough time to catch up. Crap!!! Should I?

We just prayed the rosary. Its good.

Still, I am feeling so depress right now, tell you more in a bit.

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Thursday, March 28, 2002 is the new uni friends blog that we decided to put up. here it is ! tell u more later, or email me and i'll send the username and password and how to use it...
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It's raining really hard right now with all the thunder and lightning, my dog (Barkley) stopped barking, thank God, he does this all the time the other dog (QT) just looks at him and at least she doesnt bark. There he goes again.
It's actually 5:12pm, thu. I'm suppose to be at uni right now, but i was sick right in the middle of the day. So i basically left my tutorial class and lecture which is on right now, my tute teacher is nice coz i can still hand the work next class.

Sorry, I am back. I just made myself a playlist to listen while I

Actually I basically just dropped everything, i had so much to do like get my notes, check my transition form and also we were supppose to go to the mall coz josette want her fortune told and basically walk around and do nothing instead of going to the lecture, my bad, but i didnt go anyways. I bet they are having a blast right now.

I dont know this afternoon was weird, all of a sudden i was feeling really weak and tired with a headache and im sweeting even though its not even that hot. i asked Amali if i feel hot, like fever hot, and she was like "no", its good she had panadol that i took to relive the pain. Beenish and Mariebel was just listening to my fortune telling tape. And Jos and Viv are at the V building surfing the net. Roya and Hosai didnt even turn up.

The way back home was so bad, walk, train, bus and i was feeling i was gonna faint and my head is gonna explode. I got home and basically went to bed, its good that my mum wasnt working today or i would be cleaning up right now.

We'll right now my mum is cooking dinner and my dad is talking to mum i dont know, they talk a lot, which is good, my brother is sleeping and my sister is at her friends house doing their dance for this competitoion. My uni friends are probably having a great time.

Yeah, yesterday An was with us to arrange her subjects for next sem, but this sem shes working, she gave me this really nice gift, this tree with crystals on it which is lucky as a present. So nice, she also basically spend the rest of the day hanging around with us.

And yesterday morning Hosai and Roya were suppose to meet me to do these assignment questions and they didnt even turn up, i was pissed and she was saying she couldnt come coz she had something on her face or something, and i was all alone at the lecture and tutorial which i do not like, well its ok after the first hour has past.

I was actually reading this book and decided that I should write, I wish i can go online right now, but my sister needs to call to be picked up and we only have one line, so, i cant. My uni friends must be having so much fun right now, i want to go. Not meant to be . Im gone.

I am back and just read a few more pages of the book... ohh the simpsons are on.

The comment part doesnt really get used, i dont know, no one bothers to write on it, no one bothers to even read it i its cool, bcoz im doing this for mylsef anyways.

i am loving the songs

* more than woman - aaliyah
* if i want to i can take you from your man - usher feat j.d.
* dance for me - mary j blige
* whatever u want - nelly
* i got what u need - eve feat ?

blah blah blah...

i cant belive how much work i have to do, next week the whole week is a mid-sem break and the week back i have so much stuff due like an assignment, a test, a practical, actually i have to catch up on 2 practicals for 2 diffirent subjects, and another practical that is due which is easier, so many stuff to do... and i still havent downloaded the notes from week 1 ti'll week 4, i need to start something... and i could have done all my notes if i wasnt sick this mid-day...*arghhhhhh* i cant believe i have so much on, and i still have to worry about the transition thing, coz she hasnt replied to my email...coz i didnt receive the letter version...*some people*... and i cant be blame, coz its their fault, they even apologized for bieng late with it, so really i can complain if my papers are not processed correctly.

I wonder what josettes fortune is or if they went all...

Its getting cold, summer is gone and autumn is here... im happy with that.

Im gonna go read some more, i just watched this body and soul as well as this documentary about stars and gamma rays and galaxyies... so cool, concludes next thur 8pm *noted* and wait for my sis to call and then go online to check for the reply and post this, its already 8:40pm. dinner was delish .thanks mum .later.night

By the way i am feeling so much better now, and i have this annoying cut or cold sore in my mouth... *eek* *urghhhh*... why does my dots have to be in 3's ...? -lol, have u noticed? ... *humm* compulsive behavious? .. broken .. again >lol<

my tummy hurts, im gonna make myself som tea, yeah and why did i write that, im probably making up for the last few weeks, sorry.

and yeah next time balance in thought, feeling, happenings and some stuff i wanna share or whatever, ok, im gonna go... see what my bro is up to, i hope my sis come home now so i can put this up... there goes the 3 dots again.. opps i missed one heres for that . lol does anyone know what im talking about ? ok. im gone.

i am back i was having troubles with capslock a few sec ago

yeah i just saw the picks from the digital camera, it looks great, amali, viv and jos and me of course were taking pics, cant wait to see how jos's pics turned should i post it up? have to ask them first. lipton tea is good, i think i put too much sugar.

dad's picking up my sis now..bro is playing video games now tv

finally posting this, too long? night!

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You're the HREF tag- you need someone to lean on and take care of you. You can be shy but you shine in difficult situations.

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everytime i see you falling i get that on my knees and pray --- frente --- i love that song
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Hello, about last saturday at josette's party, well it started crap 'cause I went to the station 5 to 11 and waited for Viv 'till 20 past 11 and 2 trains went past and she still wasn't there. I called her house and she said "oh I'm not coming" should I tell you why and I was like "okay" and later found she was sick or something. So, for no apology was sent lol. Hello, okay I'm over it. I met Amali and met with Mariebel who drove us to the place as always Mariebel nearly had a car crash. jokes. No she's a good driver maybe better than me. Yeah and we got there and saw Josette's family were already inside and it was like a Bufftet time lol. So fun, she was kind of disappointed that Viv didn't come so it's cool. So, we all had lunch and talked a lot and decided to create a group blog to remember all this memories. The lunch was over so we decided to go home but decided to go to the mall. We got our fortune told, actually just me and Amali. So cool it was really excellent. That is so much stuff he said that it's worth it, it's okay. It was me and Amali's first time and got a tape for 3 dollars. It's basically tarot astrology and palmistry, 30 minutes. Everything is okay that's good. What else.
I bought Josette's present, it was one of my favourite writer John Marsden and it right now, I'm actually reading Christopher Pike lent by Josette which is really cool. Yeah.
Viv gave me this book like a quote inspiration book. It's kinda funny. I mean the title. "When I loved Mself Enough" My friends from uni thinks I love myself. lol
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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Hey, hows everyone? i have so much to tell you. especially last saturday at josies b-day party. tell u guys that later...

actually have not made any intorduction of myself and here is a quickie - 411 about me...

My name is Arvinlexter Soriano but i basically just use the short name Arvin. I am not sure why my parents choose the name, they just say that they like it. It actually means "friend of the people". Yeah and im a pretty friendly
My background is filipino from Philippines and we came to Australia in 1991 and Australia like Philippines is such super cool country, u should all come and visit !!!
Born in February 11th 1981, makes me aquarius and also 21, currently getting my degree in Computer Science, where I rather do something creative like art, design or graphics. yeah like everybody else.

Family and friends, well my family is really close, mum, dad and bro-16 and sis-18. And i have really cool friends, i have 2 groups which are my university friends and my highschool friends and currently have no love life, but its cool im not in a hurry, and im not really looking.

What else, im in to all kinds of movies and music, not picky with food either and i like to be comfortable in the clothes i wear...I am running out of stuff to say. This although does not mean I am a boring person coz I dont think i am, I am more of a person that talks about everything and nothing than just sit and look around, which i actually do anyways, forget it.

As you can tell I am full of contradiction and very much what is this guy going on about???
Yeah i think its a good idea that i stop on ABOUT ME if you want more.
Later. Hope to hear from you soon!
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Friday, March 22, 2002
hello!!! i will be so busy trying to study and get my notes and readings started this weekend, its week 3 of the semester and i dont have 1 solid note....*sad* i will be just so bored, but i have to or i will be behind again... and i no cramming for me i hope...yeah just finished friday clean, kinda tired, tonight will be crap, just probably sleeeeeppp *zzzzz* i need it so much... i am gonna study this wish.....yeah i'll try to do some fun too of course.....*yepeeee* like thats gonna happen....betta go no one is online a get myself some grub *mmm* getting hungry...
Xlater0 - arvin
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Thursday, March 21, 2002
i am so getting a big head right now, no not that way. its just that amali is complimenting my page!!! im so happy.......!!!!!! shes saying how good it is, ok, AMALI is a legend!!!

ok on another note, im hating our new computer setup at uni, its so annoying everytime i try to post at uni. it just dnt do it, it keeps stuffing up and stuff.
and when i get home i have no time, i just basically drop bad, im always so tired and i keep saying that im so tired even though i feel like i havent done anything and i am not not going to stress about Ca anymore. period.


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Wednesday, March 20, 2002
i am so pised right now, i posted and it didnt come up and now i have to do it again, i dont like repeating myself...

1) happy b-day josette!!! ur present will be coming soon!!!! shes 22 and shes growing up so cheers to you!!!!
2) i have so much to say and u have no idea how much i want to post, when i was in the shower, at the bus, walking through the park, at a lecture, at the train, and i have no computer to write it now i have a while and just checked my mail and im ready to post......

but before i blog... i wanna plug my friends mariebel, she got her blog up all by herself......i tried to help click here !!!

at the bus today...the wheel under my seat exploded so loud , i thought my seat and my arse was destroyed.....i felt it and heard it so

yeah im just really stresses with CA, i dont know what to do, somethnigh is due today actually in an hours time and i still have trouble understanding what to do, someone will explain it to me later....i need help....other than that all my other subjects are good...

yesterday i recieved my tute mark for ASS1 and i got 0 out of 8, that is like one time i think i got that mark, i didnt even get points for attemp...i got 0, im so pissed, but its like worth very little i heard, but still i got 0... *crybaby*

im so stressed with CA

yeah monday was good, i had a day off and its cool......

my bro and sis had exam week this week so good luck to them !!!

and about what mariebel wrote about me helping....i helped a lot thank you very

i got home last night at 9:11pm, that is so late...basically, mariebel called and had a d&m conversation about friends we had from high school, ate dinner at 10:30pm and watched some filo show ASAP, and went to sleep at 12:30pm...............blah blah blah

yeah thats about it for now, all the random thoughts i want to write here is gone out of my head for some'll remember them later.....later
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Sunday, March 17, 2002
im transferring everything to angelfire....this will take a few hours......*boohoo*......later....coz i have to move my home from yahoo to angelfire coz yahoo ftp isnt free no more...anyone wanna host me?*think*....should i get a domain?....
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Friday, March 15, 2002
more ..........quizzzzzz !!!!!!!

I'm an Earth Spirit

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did another quiz so cool !!! im really this?1?! im chuckie from the rugrats !!!!

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did a quiz....cant believe not a

All ducks aren't sweet and innocent and you prove that. You have a nasty streak.

Find your inner rubber ducky.

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random thoughts ->
do u know what people yourself
im sick of empressing people...i use to do things so i can blend in or be aaprt of the group or even stand out and be noticed.......
but i dont need that now, im gonna do whats comfortable and what i like... its hard but i'll try...
i actually thought i have gotten over that but i haven't .....didnt notice...but i'll try not to......
so do we ever stop trying to empress does that mean we always have to change ourself for that safe? is that the norm......
and if u dont change or empress will u ever find people that will like you? are we always gonna be like this....
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Thursday, March 14, 2002
hmmnm.....what can i say im ok now, im stressing so happy i have beenish in my prac lass.....but the other one where i have to pair up with some one i was basically the od one out and it's ok coz if they work with me, i might end up knowing northing at hope the people in my class isnt reading this....yeah who is that DeVille.....i jusrt wanna say i have a life and its so donna cant find a job she keeps coming back to uni even though she has already graduated and everything....she's selling her old books...thats why she is here....its actually good....we get to see her, but i wish she gets a job......

it was kinda funny we just had a lecture and mariebel was told off by the lecturer for eating, we were right at the and they say she hads mental disability and she might get out with for making a list of all the stupid things i say.......
yeah OOP lecture was me, beez, amali, jos, mariebel (roya and and hosai was there but didnt sit next to us.....and viv's already done the subjects so shes basically bludging surfing or making her web page......

i was thinking about all these shizzzz lately about being to tired.....i should just stop whining and start doing work.....this weekend will probably consist of so much catching up with uni stuff.....arghhh !!!!!!.......there goes my stress level..........
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Wednesday, March 13, 2002
i really wanna work on this site....but more work is to be done coz i have to move site/page , yahoo wants you to pay for ftp.......probably to angelfire, once i get a job...i swear im gonna get me a domain.....laters!!!
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monday was cool.....wrote letters and went to do some errands. a well deserve day off....

yesterday was crap.....i was basically at school for the whole day and i got home late coz the train was late and i just missed the was the longest day ive had since last sem....
when i got home i basically had dinner and went straight to be bed just after 8pm coz i has this bad headache and woke up this morning at 7am and im still not satisfied, coz i had something to do due today and yeah its done now so thats ok
and then roya has moved prac days and now i have no one in my class. and the worst thing is that there is gonna be a group work....or pairs and i'll be a nigel or a loner.....
on the other ok....but i missed charmed and CSI and temptation island last night....whatever....didnt even tape it....
more later....thi second week of uni si stressing me...please let me be stress free.....
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Sunday, March 10, 2002
for some reason i didnt write the feelings

the party was fun.....actually the death anniversary prayer get together... everyone came and Grandpa would/have been really really...

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shizzzz man... i wrote so much the last time, i woudnt expect anyone to read that, but if you did... did you fall asleep?

yeah the party was gonna be hell if it started raining - just cloudy, but thank God it didnt, it was cool, everyone loved the food... the soriano family made all their specialties and the party was fun... everyone came and Grandpa would/have been really really...

yeh... i have no class tomorrow - monday... my only day got to do some stuff...

its was so funny
words i have been saying too much off...
*so you say
*it looks like an elephant, it sounds like an elephant, it is a elephant..... but i call it a joke....

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Saturday, March 09, 2002
so many highlights these few weeks... so bare with me

yesterday afternoon we saw donna and her friend sot... yeah, shes gonna graduate lucky, so is my other friend eugene, he was one of my friends in my first group at uni. and he has graduated, me is still doinf it and the others either changed course or found a job or left... eugene if you are reading this please reply to my email... have u found a job already?

and we saw roya, hosai and their friend... i was so pissed coz the lecture we were waiting for was cancelled and i got there 3 hours early coz we all decided to come early and hang, mariebel was there, viv didnt turn up at all, coz of the bus strike or something, amali was late, and jos was waiting a delivery for her parents so she just came... and the class was cancelled and we were like.....ughhhhh.......and then hosai said that to graduate in the new course from the transition coz she spoke to the new coordinator we can only have only 2 non-passes (tp and cp), well i have 4 all together and now 2 of my electives arent counted and i may have to do it again...arghhhh!!!!!!!! thats cool at least its only the electives.....thank God......

ok last night....i told you that there was this prayer thing with my family coz for my grandfather who died a 9 months ago...we were in the middle of this prayer with some family, friends and relos and there was a big bug thing on the table and so i took a fly splatter and then i was gonna kill it flat and then my brother said don't kill it. so i kinda pushed it off the table to be dragged outside and when i did, i accidently hit it towards my sisters direction, and we were looking around if it fell on the ground and my sis stood up and it was on her shirt and she went right infront of everyone and made this eek.... sound and took the bug off her shirt and the bug just feel right in front of everyone and it stayed there until the whole prayer thing.... and me, my sis and bro were all sitting close together laughing, we got over it half way through the prayer...that was just wrong and funny...ya

ok today... the sunject i really wanted to do, we had a lecture and the first lecture is pretty much standard html. so yeah... before the lecture i took the earlier train and when i got to the station josette saw me and we walked to the campus together, we went to the lecture room and then got there really early and so people started to come and we couldnt see any of our friends, or anyone doing our course...but we stayed there coz the paper said it was the room... so when we got inside the lecture room, me and josette were still going who are these people, we were thinking maybe these are 3rd or second year students and then when we got the outline it said engineering and industrial design and so we made a quick exit and guess where the lecture would be and so our first guess was right and were just smiling...

after the lecture we decided to celebrate for the beginning of the semester and the fact that we didnt get to see much of each other during the break, it was me, beenish, amali, mariebel, josette and vivienne. beenish decided not to come, coz i think there wasnt enough room in the car or something...well mariebel drived and the buffet place was halal so beenz could have come... anyways it was all good...we were laughing so much and catching up stuff...and we all so stuffed, we ate so much... its hard to laugh when ur so

paulo, shannon and john are going to go to the city, and they just called me to come along and i want to go but i cant coz we have that prayer thing...drats....

yeah and also beenz told me that sumrah (friend from high school) just came back from paki and is gonna have a wedding reception today....and i didnt even know, only beenz's parents were invited, shes not even coming, maybe its for the parents thing... why hasnt she called me, i dont have her number....

ok....lastly.....when the lecture just finished we were talking just outside the lecture room and then around the corner sharon (high school friend) came and smiled, she told me that while she was waiting fo her friend, reading the bulliten bored, she heard someone that sounded like me and she looked and it was was cool....we talked for a while and everything is great with

extra bit.....and also while waiting for viv... me and jos were talking outside their room and viv told me that she could hear me and knew we were waiting for her, but we left coz we got is my voice that loud and distinct?...

i think i wrote too much... just wanted to say!!!

and after the prayer i had to walk my cousin back to their house and when we got to their house i wanted to see some tv and it was all about people getting killed and murdered and i have to walk back home ... its like a 3 minute walk or something and it started showering and it was kinda dark...i was kinda scarred with all those stuff running around my head...ok...i feel like a chicken.................yep i should be asleep....its the big last prayer tomorrow, we have so many people coming over and i have to help to sleep.....

ps. this is such a long

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Thursday, March 07, 2002
i wanna give a big thanks to mariebel !!!!!!
for 1. gving me a lift home......i didnt have to walk in the hot sun during the 48hr bus strike, actually its only for government buses and my bus isnt so all that stuff yesterday was a whole bunch of kababble. i got to schhol bus concession is still not fixed, so im still paying full fair....arghhhh!!!!!!!!!
& 2. for intruducing me to extremetracker
and i got into that subject i really wanted to do !!! yeah to go to a class or walk around some more....4-6pm....eek.....get home late......
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Wednesday, March 06, 2002
hey, i changed it again, not a great deal though, just move stuff around and fixed the links....
the red, yellowish and orangy are the colours i wanted to use for some reason....coz last time was using all blues and light blue and stuff
so something different...
yeah i have a class tomorrow, so i should sleep now.
night !
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i has ecstatic 15 minutes ago, i got this email about that subject i wanna do and it said that it was extended by 50 more people and then i lined up for 10 minutes and it hasnt been extended and so i have to try again tomorrow, and so i'm still kinda excited when i enrol tomorrow and i get it. hopefully
on another note, there was a bus strike today... if it wasnt for my uncle we had to walk, well me, coz my bro and sis can get a lift from their friends, well im so happy coz my legs are killing me, my feet hurts from walking again through the park, btw there were so many people catching the train and all have to walk through the park to get to uni. its around 15 minutes walk.
yea and i had to get here at 9am and my lecture is at 11am, so i have to time to do soe other stuff.
CSI ws on last night... jordans crossing is on tonight and charmed i couldnt be bothered taping last night....temptation island aussie style is on too... didnt watch buffy, but taped angel though...gee do i watch too much tv?
im gonna go and read other peoples blog, since ive checked all my email
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Tuesday, March 05, 2002
the clouds are dark again, for some reason sunny australia has been raining a lot these few weeks... our 90% sunny days is doing down, my friends left and i still have to blog and fix some stuff. i got a reply from the co-ordinator about the subject i really wanted to do and he said that if i fit in the 2 criterias he mentioned and i only fit in 1 of them and i am still eager to do it. i wish he lets me do it, it would be really awesome if i get it done.
malcolm in the middle and sex and the city was so funny last night, alias is a really cool new show...gotta watch that
i started to get stuff to do now, homeworks, assessments dates and yeah....i have to go get some notes before i leave uni.
hope it doesnt rain while im getting home, i still have to walk through a park get to the station, i can catch the bus but i need some freh air and exercise, so i betta leave you...
and to casey i hope you understand my explanation and get it done !!!
quote "you have to start somewhere, so take the first step, now!"
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Monday, March 04, 2002
hello, im back at uni, actually im here right now, in the computer lab. well today is my first day of my last year of uni. i have mixed feelings towards it, for some reason i want to leave coz everyone else is moving on, but i love the school life, where i have a lot of free time and not can never win
last night i couldnt get to sleep, i was thinking about all these the pros and cons about still at university.
my friend paulo, the one who was going to be coming to my college has decided not to stay, he has other pressures in his life and he will try again later, it was his decision. i really wanted him to stay, like high school, but its cool...
yeah no class today just basically get stuff done like timetables and add and delete subjects, tutorial selections and travel and id pass
there is a lot of people around....but later on that'll cut down to half...
the line at the campus service center was long and when i got there. one of the 2 subjects im trying to enrol to is already full and was told to try again later when some people drop the subject, im so pissed... i really wanted to do i emailed the co-ordinator about it, and i'll keep trying i really wanna do that..btw its called Interactive Web Site Development.....please let me do it...
last night was fun again..... people came over and also did this thing for a relo and her resume, im so good, her resume now looks impressive, a bit of embelishing is required....
yep sex and the city and malcolm in the middle is on tonight !!!
need to tape it coz people will be coming over again.....
freak man...yeah it kinda showered rain in the morning but mostly sunny day....
mariebel had to go to the other campus for this subject, so it was just me and viv....

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hello wassup....tell u later.....having an ok day....
my friend is starting her blog.... so awesome.
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Sunday, March 03, 2002
for some reason, i really want to change my layout and graphics, just wanna make something new. my first attemp is pretty awesome.......well since none has said anything, i'll just say they are stunned and thinking....popstars is on soon, need to pack my stuff for tomorrow too, yeah....blah blah
please dont rain tomorrow...God.....i went to church today remember....
yep....people are coming over now......need to program the vcr....see you guys later
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It was a great night, everyone, nearly everyone, came by and everyone is just great... Im so excited that i'll be at uni tomorrow, ok.... my last i better really make the most of it...
i should stop talking like i have a stick up my bye.....
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Saturday, March 02, 2002
hey wassup people...
great day for me....nothing just walked around, did some chores and watched 3 epesodes of heart break high... i was sitting there and 3 ep in a row just came on...its cool....around an hour and a quarter worth of high school angst....its cool....actually miss it .....
we will have people over tonight again...get to talk to my cousins again like last night...and we're like bagging some people in the
saw a bit of the grammys, only wanted to see the performances....they were alright... for some reason i'm not feeling alicia keys, maybe i'll see her as more talented later... when she realesed more songs or something....but right now, shes just ok
btw i got a haircut.....wohoo !!!
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Friday, March 01, 2002
i sent all my friends the link to my site and email. i hope they stop by and sign my lonely guessbook. cant wait for them to see it.
thats cool. im kinda looking forward to coming to uni now.
im so tired. just finished cleaning the majority of the house as well as my room. we have to every friday, mum's policy. its ok, im getting used to it, unless i just came home from a really tiring day.
grammys is on tonight. i have to tape it (even though i know who won already - just wanna see the perfromances) coz we have this prayer thing for my grandfather who died a while ago, its a ritual thing fro 9 days, my grandpa was the coolest, i miss him. my other grandpa died when my mum was very young so i dont know very much about him. my 2 grandmas are still well, so cool.... just gonna surf around for a so happy im finished cleaning it took me around 3 hours...9am to i can blog and surf....right now...ok...later people...

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