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Saturday, December 07, 2002

thecontents[0]='now >> last weeks of uni and there is heaps studying and stuff to do ...watching>> CSI, SUpermodel, 24, ally mcbeal, simpsons, seinfeld, smallville>> britney feat netunes-boys, sugar ray-someday, robyn-do u know what it takes, tlc-girl talk, green day-time of your life, john mayer-no such thnig, avril l-sk8r boi, vanessa carlton-ordinary day, pdiddy feat ginuine-i need a girl pt2, beanie man feat janet-fell it boy, no doubt-underneath it all, jolina-tameme, apo hiking society/ray vallero-kumusta ka, ogie/lea-nandito>> videoki king, forvermore, xxx, austin powers-gold member ...whatesle...'

thecontents[1]='site >> i started this page feb2002. its place where i can just write anything i want. be creative and basically just an outlet and record things. its an outlet, its my place on the web. enjoy!'

thecontents[2]='me >> see im not sure i always thought that i was shy, quite and nice but i heard i can be vain, loud and rude. the rest u will figure out from what u read on my blog plus here are some other details, filo living un aussie land, 21 college student doing compter science, eldest child and aquarius. ummm.....thats all.'

thecontents[3]='contact >> icq:67920681 yup that it...'

thecontents[4]='stuff >> dont know what to write here.... might do tasks here...maybe'