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about arvin. filo. sydney. aquarius. I.T. graduate! (finally!) And this is a place for my rant, rave, vent, outlet, thoughts, accounts, creative space, etc.
at the moment 10.1.2002
time: fri20sep02-6:34pm
mood: really good
hmmmm: better start assingments early
give me more time to sleep
yum yum: flake chocolate
entertained: +24/twentyfour +search for a supermodel +CSI and Smallville +simpsons and daria +malcom and the middle and friends +ally mcbeal and stargate +***wanna see >> lilo n stitch and XXX
play my song: +joe-i like sexy girls +beanie man feat. janet-feel it boy +no doubt-underneath it all +tweet-call me +misteeq-this is how we do it +khia-my neck my back +ludacris and foxy brown-whats your fantasy +charlton hill-2's company +mario-just a friend +beonce-work it put +monica-all eyes on me +a*teens-falling in love with you +selwyn-rich girl +eminem-my closet +vanessa carlton-ordinary day +avril lavigne-skateboi +inoj-all i want is your love (remix) +blaque-questions +atomic kitten-its ok +outthere brothers- fuck you in the ass +jungle brothers-freakn' you
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do u keep a list too? let me know!
0. i like updated lists, this is my first
1. i download music
2. i should drink less cola
3. people think im vain/plastic/fake/cold/honest
4. i lick my lips coz it drys a lot
5. this list is kinda funny
6. gonna grow my hair until summer
7. i like the single numbers 7, 5, 3, 6, and 8
8. i want to learn karate and a musical instrument
9. i like finishing things. accomplising!

site: since feb2002, blog, pic, links, all aboout me, thoughts, outlet, appreciate feedback and heaps fun...
me: male, 21, college student, IT, filo, aussie, single, 5'6, aquarius...
people say i can be: vain, cold, loud, fake, plastic, honest, nice, wise, quite...
aggrevated by: rude and fake people, tryhards and big egos, selfish and narrowminded, broke and bored...
fascinated about: documentaries, history, art, magic, sites and people in public...
distracted on: nice and friendly, religious, gardenning, who drive old looking car like cadilacs, summer looking, waffles, beannies, food, warm bed, pleasant looking...

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