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at the moment 9.23.2002
After reclusive and solitary Capricorn comes Aquarius, the most outgoing and receptive of the zodiacal signs. Aquarius lies opposite Leo, a sign that seeks external realization of the ego. The Aquarian dream is to merge that ego with the cosmos. Aquarius, the Water Bearer pours new life into culture. Aquarians are the mystics, the idealists, the reformers, the humanitarians the innovators, the inventors--and, most of all, the communicators of their groups.
Aquarians are generous, flexible, free-thinking, and curious about ideas that run counter to tradtion. Given their humanitarian impulses, they are often strongly dedicated to the cause of human fellowship and are capable of total self-abnegation in the service of the common good. Many Aquarians strive to live more on the spiritual plane than on the material one. Nonetheless, their spirituality and profound insight are usually tempered by a degree of rationality. This fortuitous coupling produces great creativity, which may find its outlet in the service of an ideology. On the other hand, the restless and original Aquarian temperament may lend itself to many other interests, including science and technology.

Like Geminis, Aquarians are concerned with information and communication of all sorts. But while the Twins' faored from of expression is words, Aquarians love pictures--art, television, film. In their need to connect with the group, Aquarians always strive for speed and immediacy. The two wavy lines of their glyph symbolize not only water, but fast-flowing currents of energy--or perhaps, in the case of Aqauarian inventor Thomas Edison, electricity. It was Edison who invented motion pictures, the medium in which Aquarian directors D. W. Griffith and Sergei Eisenstein did their trailblazing work.

Aqaurians push back boundaries and introduce new ideas. Aqauarian Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart brought music to perfection previously unfathomed. Charles Darwin revolutionized thought about humanity's place in creation. Charles Lindbergh flew alone across the Atlantic when common wisdom held that such an event could never take place. Aquarian writers Charles Dickens, Jules Verne, James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, and Virginia Woolf were all innovators in literature.

But as Aquarians go, Lindbergh--the Lone Eagle--was something of an anomaly, for most Water Bearers are not loners. Group-oriented Aquarians are usually very public people, and natural politicians. Like Leos, they need applause, preferably from a worldwide audience. Successful Aquarians in public life range from Abraham Lincoln to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Adlai Stevenson, and Ronald Reagan. A major Aquarian demon is oversensitivity to the group. This weakness can cause Water Bearers deep doubts about what their true feelings are. In turn, the uncertainty makes them fearful and even more dependant on the group. it is their task to look inward first, discovering their own thoughts before trying to assess the thoughts of others.

Another Aquarian risk is that of overindulging their mystical, nonconforming impulses. If they lack clear-headed rationality, they are capable of destructive attacks on tradition. Disloyalty, oppotunism, and compromise are also potential Aquarian pitfalls. Water Bearers can be shallow, their genial exteriors masking an interior iciness. They may also be shortsighted and hampered by inertia. Just as Geminis think that to talk about a project is to finish it, so Aquarians think that to see a vision is to make it real.

At their best, however, Aquarians are able to move from the abstract to the concrete. Beginning with imagination, Aqaurians shape reality. And they work toward their most prized image, an all-inclusive and shining society in which each individual is a happy and productive contributor to the group.
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