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Check these out !!!

I did my summer projects at all these wonderful places and believe me it was really great. Project apart I also enjoyed a lot being in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. Imagine all that I travelled alone - of course there were my friends helping me out with it

Tata Institute of Fundamentl Research(TIFR)

I did my second year summer internship here as a Visiting Summer Research Project student and wow was it great ! I had an AC room all to myself and believe it or not the room even had a phone and a fridge. The canteen was great too - I can go on and on but if you want to know more please mail me - as for going around Mumbai - I went to every nook and corner of the metropolis... Simply amazing - isnt it ??

National Centre of Biological Sciences

Right now I am in the midst of it. This is my third year summer internship and I am staying with Saurav(my friend from Calcutta Boys School). Well since its just started I myself dont know much about it but then the labs are simply great and I am really looking forward to enjoying my stay here at Bangalore. As for my work I have to do something called "Blasting"

So got any queries ??
If so - do mail me