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Trade list

I will try to make it as updated as possible.

Just in case, for anything you found interested, send me an email


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Ty134 Single
B767 (BWQ) Single
B767-300 Single
Ty154 Single
A310 LH Style, Single plastic
L1011-100 FORM TRA 120A Single
L1011-500 TRA 199A Single
ATR72-500 Single laminated
BAe 146 20445A Single laminated
B767-300 B6-3-003-071001 ANA/AIR NIPPON/Air Japan/AIR NEXT/A-net/Air Central Multi-fold
B777-300 B7-3-003-071001 ANA/AIR NIPPON/Air Japan/AIR NEXT/A-net/Air Central Multi-fold
B777-300 B7-3-ORG-101201 Single plastic
B787-8 B8-8-ORG-101201 Single plastic
MD82/83 Single


NKK977C Single laminated


Single laminated cartoon card

A330 A33E

A33E SC Version 2 (Jul 11)/PDT Single laminated


Single laminated cartoon card


A34B SC Revision 2 (Jul 11)/PDT Single laminated cartoon card
B747-400 B74A Single laminated cartoon card
B747-400 NKK973C Single Blue card laminated
B747-400 Single laminated cartoon card
B777-200 NKK974C Single Orange card laminated
B777-300 NKK975C Single grey card laminated
B777-300ER B77D SC Version 3 (mar 11)/PDT Single laminated cartoon card
A320-214 HD-CEA-MU 02 Tri-folder
A320 KA320 Revision 1 (2009) PDT Single laminated
A320 0801-23695 Single plastic
B777ER Single
A320 FINNAIR 368 01/09 Single plastic
A340 LQB-/FINNAIR 913 05/07 Single plastic
B737-800 HKE 738 01/2007 Single laminated
B737-800 HKE 738 04/2008 Single laminated
JAL GROUP B747-400 C53481 07/09 Folder
JAL GROUP B777-200 C53488 07/09 Folder
JAL GROUP MD90 C53495 07/09 Folder
B767-300 B Single
MD90 Single
A330-300/200 A330-300/299/safety Card/Rev1/10/08 Single
B747-400P Single
B777-200 B777/safety Card/Rev1 1 Jan 2007 Folder
BAe146 MOD. IG 4765 Single
DC9-80 MOD. IG 4504 Single
B747-400 Version 1 06/2007 Code 2005 Tri-folder
B737-800 Single plastic
B747-400 QB52818-3 Orange folder laminated
B767-338 QB53649-3 Reddish Brown Laminated folder
B747-400 MEGATOP FORM SQA 0425 J Folder
B777-200 Jubilee FORM SQA 0430 E Folder
A340-600 December 2002 Issue 8 Folder laminated
B767 1386: 1 a Tri-folder laminated
A330 BKKOTTG/Issue No.6/01JUN10 Folder
B747-300/400 BKKOT/Issue No. 5/Effective: 01SEP06 Folder


P/N: A321 REVISION 02, DATE: JUNE 2010 Folder

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