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Electra MAN 105 (Rev.10/95) Single
MD82/83/88 BL0 FQ7 Tri-folder
Renown Aviation Electra II REF. LOE-213-01-9-97 Tri-folder
B727-200 P/N 0-0410-3-1871 For A/C #731, 732, 733 Tri-folder laminated


0-0410-3-0417 (Rev 4/83) Tri-folder laminated


EMB120 Brasilia Single
Fokker 50 PropJet Folder
B737-500 Folder
IL96 VIP Single
TU154M Single
ATR42-300 Single
B737-400 Code 495 Tri-folder


Code 941 Tri-folder
B747 Code 234 Tri-folder
B747-400 AF Style multi-fold
B727-200 Code 697 Tri-folder
B757 Code 728 Tri-folder


S32/Jan 2002 Single
B757-2MGER SEPT5/04/96 Folder
B767 S31/Jan 2002 Single


CS 140B/12/91 Folder
B767-33AER SEP/76/04/96 Folder
Fokker 100 Form No.F100A Single
A310-300 ISSUE NO.01/2000 Single laminated
L1011-500 Single
Dash8-300 Printed at R.J. Press Single
Dash8-300 Single
B737-300 Single laminated
A319 Tri-folder
A310-200/300 Single
A319/320 Single
A319/320 Single plastic with Qualiflyer Group logo
A321 Single
A330-300 Single


B747-300 Single
DC10 Single
TU134 SU Style Single
TU154 SU Style Single
YAK40 SU Style Single


1386:11A No logo Folder plastic
DC9-21/41 1386:7e Folder laminated
MD81/82/83 1386:8e Folder laminated
MD90 1386:9 a Folder laminated
A300-620 935-6737 MAY 98 Folder
B737 935-6739 MAY 98 Folder
B747-168 935-6738 APR 97 Folder
B747-368 935-6746 APR 97 Folder
B747-468 935-6901 OCT 97 Folder
B777 935-6901 OCT 97 Folder
MD90 935-6946 MAR 98 Folder
B737-700/800 HD-CS-FM02 Folder
B757 HD-CS-FM01 Folder
B737-700/800/900 Tri-folder Effective date: 2008.10.1
A319 Folder
A319 SMITA 167C Folder


B737-300 TA-151-D Folder
A310 FORM SQA 0428 F Folder
A310 -300 FORM SQA 0428 H Folder
A340 FORM SQA 0429 Folder
A380-800 FORM SQA4119 Folder
B747-200 FORM SQA 0423 D Folder
B747-300 Big Top FORM SQA 0433 D Folder
B747-400 MEGATOP  FORM SQA 0425 D Folder
B747-400 MEGATOP FORM SQA 0425 F Folder
B747-400 MEGATOP FORM SQA 0425 J Folder
B777 Jubilee FORM SQA 0430 Folder
B777-200 Jubilee FORM SQA 0430 C Folder
B777-200 Jubilee FORM SQA 0430 E Folder
TU154M Single
B737-300/400 Form 01 Sept. 1999 Single
B767 OO-SBY Single
B767 OO-SLR Single
B767 OO-STF Single
B767 Single
A300B4 ISSUED 10/92 Folder laminated
A320 ISSUED 10/92 Folder laminated
A340-600 December 2002 Issue 8 Folder laminated
B737 ISSUED 10/92 Folder laminated


ISSUED 10/92 Folder laminated
B747-400 Folder laminated
B747SP ISSUED 10/92 Folder laminated
B737-200/300/500/700 IF-552-Revised 10/97 Tri-folder
B767 1386: 1 a Tri-folder laminated
MD87 Folder laminated
A320 Multi-fold R4015065 SHB-320-001 01-03-2002
A340-300 AF Style TRA 327 A Multi-fold
B737-300 Single


1-114/7 Single
B727-200 BL8 FL6 Tri-folder
DC10 IC1 CO8 Tri-folder
Shorts Single laminated
Shorts Single laminated
Twin Otter Single laminated
Avro RJ85/100 Swiss European 1105-13-01135 Single plastic
A319 0304-13-17227 Single plastic
A340 0503-13-22447 Single plastic
Embraer RJ 145 13-01132 Single plastic
A310 1295-9230 Single plastic
A320 0595-16654 Single plastic
A321 0195-16655 Single plastic
B747 1095-5103 Single plastic


1291-5103 Single plastic
MD11 1095-12063 Single plastic
MD80/81/82/83 0889-5101 Single plastic


No Logo Single Plastic




B727-276 93G30100 Single laminated
A310-300 TAP-Mod.2088 Folder
A319 TAP-Mod.500005-Obtubro 97 Single
A320 TAP-Mod.2087-Agosto 94 Single laminated
A340 TAP-Mod.23002-Fevereiro 96 Single laminated
B737-200 TAP-MOD-2083-NOVEMBRO 97 Folder
B737-300 TAP-MOD-2085-JUNHO 96-COD.27250 Folder
A310 Single laminated
F28 Fellowship AF Style Folder
Nord 262 AF Style Folder
B737-300 Single plastic
A300B Single plastic
B737 UGA 3030 Single plastic
A300 BKKOTTG/Issue No.5/Effective: 1 JUL 95 Folder
A310 BKKOTTG/Issue No.5/10DEC97 Folder
A330 BKKOTTG/Issue No.2/01APR96 Folder
A330 BKKOTTG/Issue No.4/01JUN06 Folder
A330 BKKOTTG/Issue No.6/01JUN10 Folder
ATR42 QE 986012 BKKOTTG/Issue N0.2/1JUL94 Folder


B737 Folder
B737-400 BKKOTTG/Issue No.3/01JUL97 Folder
B747-300/400 BKKOT/Issue No. 3/Effective: 01JUL96 Folder
B747-300/400 BKKOT/Issue No. 5/Effective: 01SEP06 Folder
B777-200 BKKOT/Issue No.2/01DEC96 Folder
B777-300 BKKOTTG/Issue No.2/01FEB00 Folder
BAe146 QE 986007 BKKOT/ISSUE NO.3 01DEC95 Folder
DC10 986002 1386:11 Folder
MD11 BKKOTTG/Issue No.6/01FEB00 Folder
A320 CFG300460-02 TCW A320 Single
A320 ISSUE 3 ABN 52 124 369 008
Fokker 28 Mk1000 Tri-folder
B747 A/C 623 Code 1037 REV. 11/98 No logo Tri-folder


Single laminated
B757 Folder
B777-200 Single laminated


Single for B-22715/22716


TU154M Folder
A320 EUROSAV Folder
A310-200/300 Single plastic
B727-2F2 6/98 Single plastic
B737-500 Single plastic
B737-500 6/98 Single plastic
RJ70/100 Single plastic
B757-200ER Code 1316 Tri-folder
B707 P/N 4936 (3-78) Single plastic
B727-231 P/N 4931 (11-79) Single plastic
B727-231 TWA S/N 640753 PN 4931 (5-91) Tri-folder
B727-31 P/N 4929 (11-79) Single plastic
B747 TWA S/N 644939 PN 4939 (5-91) Tri-folder
B747-131 P/N 4939 (6-81) Single plastic
B747SP P/N 3948 (4-81) Single plastic


P/N 4940 (9-82) Single plastic
DC9 TWA S/N 645157 PN 4944 (12-96) Tri-folder
DC9-80 TWA S/N 640752 PN 4930 (10-83) Single plastic
DC9-80 TWA S/N 640752 PN 4930 (5-91) Tri-folder
L1011  P/N 4935 (7-77) Single plastic
L1011 TWA S/N 640755 PN 4935 (5-91) Tri-folder
L1011-100 P/N 4937 (4-81) TWA A/N 640757 Single plastic

Canadair Jet

Dash8-100 Single
Dash8-300 Single
Fokker 70 Single
B737-200/300/500 Single laminated


07A Single


CA 344 2/92 Tri-folder
B747 Overwater CA 365 1/92 Tri-folder
B767-200 Overwater CA 369 1/92 Tri-folder
A320 CA 377 10/93 Tri-folder
B727 CA 319 9/84 Folder
B737 CA 344 6/81 Folder
B747-400 CA 370 4/92 Tri-folder
B747-400 CA 390 7/97 Tri-folder
B747-400 CA 390 1/99 Tri-folder


CA 371 12/92 Tri-folder
B767 CA 362 6/85 Folder
B767-300 Overwater CA 374 1/92 Tri-folder
B777 Overwater CA 385 3/95 Tri-folder
DC10 Overwater CA 360 9/85 Folder
B727-100 Code 96188 Tri-folder
B737 Rev.3/87 1G1134120-1A Code 461 Tri-folder
MD80 Rev. 1/88 1M1134617 Code 485 Tri-folder
Beechcraft 1900D CPN-B1900-US-1 REF. B9D-200-15-2-98 Tri-folder
Dornier 328 CCN 425-0069 REF. Tri-folder


737-2-ECPS C/C 190-7372 Rev.7/97 Tri-folder
B737-300 737-3-ECLV C/C 190-7373 Rev.6/97 Tri-folder
DC9 DC9-3-ECPS C/C 190-0353 Rev.7/97 Tri-folder
F100 F-100-ECPS C/C 190-0345 Rev.6/97 Tri-folder
IL62 Folder
B737 Folder
DC10 Tri-Folder
B737 Tri-Folder
B737-300 Tri-Folder


B767-200 Tri-Folder
MD11 Tri-Folder
MD11 792000005 OPS-243 Folder
A300 Tri-folder
B737-200 Tri-folder


Single laminated


P/N: A321 REVISION 02, DATE: JUNE 2010 Folder


P/N: A330-200 REVISION 02, DATE: JUNE 2010 Folder


P/N: A333-300 REVISION 02, DATE: JUNE 2010 Folder
ATR Single laminated
B767-300 Single laminated
Fokker 70 Single laminated
A340 Single laminated


14942 (07/01) Folder laminated
A340 Cartoon Folder laminated
A340-600 22627 [02/04] Cartoon Folder laminated
A340-600 22627 [09/05] Cartoon Folder laminated
A340-600 VS24326 [01/07] Cartoon Folder laminated
A340-600 VS24521 [04/08] Cartoon Folder laminated
B747-400 Folder laminated
B747-400 VS24523 [04/08] Cartoon Folder laminated
B737-400 VAO SIC 734 08/00 Tri-folder laminated
B737 New logo Single laminated
B737 Single laminated
Fokker 50 Single laminated
Fokker 50 Single plastic
B737-200 Tri-folder
B727 SF-518 REV. 1/78 Folder
B737 SF-456 WAL REV. 1/78 Single
B727-100 Code 715 Tri-folder
DC8-63 WB 200 Tri-folder
L1011-102 Code 440 Tri-folder


A320 YES-MOD. 55913-OUTBRO 2000


B737-200 Tri-folder Code 1641 Part # 3JF837 (10-02)

All airline logos trademarks and copyright of their respective owners.

They are presented here for informational and educational purposes.


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