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About This Layout

March 20th 2005

This is Ivy after 7 hours of sleeping and an additional 5 hours of working on this design. I finished designing this layout at 3:45 AM last night and being a horrible typist I am, I could not completely code it with the light turned off. Darn, I should really learn to type.

Thus, I have to finish what I have started now. Isn't this pretty? There is no matching avatar here because it does not suit the layout well. I love the color of the flower. It is originally in some boring shades of pink and I have change it to some strange hue with cooler tone. The rose at some point in its creation stage was purple as well ^^

This layout can be use for any type of sites. Preferably blog. There is plenty of space here for content and navigation. Navigations uses the text on the top right. I think it is best to have all of your additional page appears in popup window. This layout can be viewed under any screen resolution of 800x600 or above and any web browser that support css well. Have fun and please don't forget to give me credits.

Ivy Tran

Using This Layout

  1. Unzip and upload everything in a single file into your main directory server.
  2. Please be aware that you must know a fairly enough amount of HTML in order to use this layout.
  3. Open index.html edit your navigation and content.
  4. If you have any problems editing this layout, feel free to post your questions at the Aethereality Message Board

Terms of Usage

  1. No EMULATIVE work is permitted.
  2. Watermark may NOT be removed.
  3. Original coding and design may not be altered any way.
  4. Layout may not be used on Xanga or Asian Avenue.
  5. Do not copy my CSS to another layout of yours

Copyrights & Credits

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