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Assessment in the instructional design process is as a corollary to the development of learning objectives,and a precedent to the development and implementation of instructional strategies (Dick & Carey, 1995: Gagne, Briggs, & Wager, 1987). Teaching with instructional media and technology is certainly no exception. For this purpose Gegne's theory is very prescriptive. After instruction, it is necessary to evaluate its impact, effectiveness, and assessment of student learning. But to get the total picture,the entire instructional process must be evaluated. Assessment of learner achievement will take place before, during, and after the lesson. To evaluate if students know what is expected before the lesson, the trainer will demonstrate and discuss the six component of the ASSURE MODEL. The trainer will ask questions about multimedia delivery methods that the students should be familiar with. The instructor will show how the ASSURE design can be helpful for designing courses using different kinds of media on-site and on-line courses.During the lesson the instructor will assess the learners by what they do and say during the class. After the introductory instruction the students will begin their individual similation instruction. Since the training is self paced learners will not feel pressured to complete all sessions at the same time as the other classmates. Students will be given one week to finish the similation process. Self assessments are built into the simulation training so students are assessed throughout the training session. When the simulated training is completed the learner will be assessed using a blended multiple choice and true/false test to demonstrate his/her knowledge gained from the simulated instruction.They are expected to past the test with 90% accuracy. Next the teacher will assign the student to teams; each team will work together for the next four weeks to design an ASSURED Multimedia lesson to be presented to their class during week six. Instructor will use observation as a mean of assessment during lesson design phase.When students present their lesson, a training and presentation rubric will be used to evauate the students as they teach their sessions.Finally students will evaluate the training workshop.