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Some Lame News For You

-Sorry for the lack of updates playas..We've just been working on writing some new shit. So far its coming along very well.

Our latest show was canceled but we ended up playing at the practice spot with never say die and a fall farewell. The show was amazing. Thanks to everyone that came out...on that note, call 440-667-9372 for more info on the show and what not.
-there are a few possible show opportunities coming up so please keep in touch and we'll keep you informed on whats going down.
-Sign our Guestbook bitches
-we're in the process of recording some songs, 3 of which may be included on a demo to be mixed and mastered soon.
keep in touch with us to find out more..
-look for a show soon, possibly at Amherst Cinema or possibly at the spot. House parties fucking rule.