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Hey these are my favorite pictures not including bands.
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Sprained Minds
Sprained Minds's a needle through a tounge that aparently hit a vein or something. Gorey and completly aweome.

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No it isnt, its a syringe filled with blood trough an already pierced tongue. The blood comes from the syring for the lovely effect. Love that picture!
pierced | | July 10, 2005

ESTA MUY CHIDA LA FOTO!!! Yo soy hematofilica!!! muy buena realmente aunke por lo ke leo, no es real
Ibeany | October 31, 2005

greenhorn | November 03, 2005

awesomeness <3<3
sarra | | February 20, 2006

That is totaly AWESOME. sweet dude i think i will try that SYKE!
angel | | September 05, 2006