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I managed to download 17 full episodes of "Small Wonder" from the old "Small Wonder" website. These episodes are in Real Media format and are broken into 2 files, each of which is around 12 or 13 Megabytes in size. Due to limitations in host space, I will only be able to make one episode available at any given time (these files don't compress very well). I will try and present these episodes in order.

Season 1 (1985-86)

Runaway Jamie Part 2 Real Media, 10.81 Megabytes
(May Require Renaming to 'sw105-2.rm' after download)

Part 1 is available ____here____

If you are interested in repeated viewings of an episode, PLEASE download the file only once and save a local copy. I have no idea whether or not the Angelfire bandwidth limit will be exceeded at some point and, thus, result in restrictions on daily downloads or even result in removal of this site.

If anyone is interested in making any of these downloads available to others, I would be happy to add a link to your site. It would be handy if these downloads could be distributed across the internet so entire episodes could be downloaded at the same time. Each episode is broken into 2 pieces of around 12 or 13 Megabytes. At this point, it is too early to know how much demand there is for these files, so I don't know how much bandwidth would be required. Feel free to put a copy of these files on a site and email the new location to I can then make episodes available at a faster rate.
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