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Name: Jezika Marie Fehr

Nickname: Jezebelle

Age: 17

Birthday: December 1st

Place of birth: Born in New Orleans, LA /
Got moved to the back country of New York when she was 2 and raised in a medical facility.

Ethnicity: Creole/Hispanic

Eyes: Deep bright absinthe emerald green

Hair: Fiery red with highlights
of gold scattered in the thick tresses. Sometimes curled, sometimes not..depends on her mood.

Height/Weight: 5'6" / Nunya Damn Buisness...

Attitude: Quiet sometimes, but she has a short fuse and a bad temper when someone pushes at her too hard. And she'll let you know if you cross that line. Quick to anger and slow to forgive..even slower to forget. She's fiercely loyal.

Profession: Student/Musician (Drums/Guitar/Piano/Keyboard)

Parents: Tobi and Caleb Fehr

Siblings: A brother Gauge, and a sister Rhapsody.

Distinguishing Marks: Her skin glows slightly like someone lit a candle behind a golden veil. She has a tattoo around her right thigh of barbed wire with roses. It curls around her upper thigh and over her hip to circle her navel which is pierced with a rather large diamond. She had a silver hoop through the right corner of her lower lip, a diamond in her nose, and three through her tongue.