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Your the brightest star shining in my sky... Hi -waves- i'm

This is my web page.this is about me and how i'm a loser. hah and dont' even try to tell me i'm not. I like what people would say is *emo*

My favorite bands:Rufio..Brand New..Bright Eyes..Midtown..Ok Go..The juliana theory ..Thursday..Further seems forever..Taking back sunday..The sly caps..Five Iron Frenzy..The get up kids..Something corporate..Auto-pilot off..The White stripes..The ataris..New Found Glory..Simple Plan

Look it's a cuuuuuuute care bear. don't you just want to hug it

.... Woot

Yea I like care bears too. They are hella rock

Now to tell you about the loser that has time to do this....Well my name is Jeff and I like to talk to my friends that are really neato. Also, I really like music and listening to it. I am very short only 5' but have short man pride. Well that's about it