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Roberto Rios







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My name is Roberto J. Rios; I am the first of three children in my family. I have two youngest sisters. I live with both of my parents. My father works as a manager in an auto parts business, and my mother ust started working as a dental assistant. In our family we don't receive federal or state aid, even when the money is not enough for us five. That's why I am so interested in college, to support my family in the future and to give myself a better life than the one I have now. We are a happy family, and most of the times we have enough clothes to wear and possessions.

My community is a working class area, with medium and low incomes. The Castle Park High area is a combination of single families homes and apartments. I volunteer at my local public library, by helping shelving books on the weekends. At school I have been a member of the football club team and AVID, which helps students to understand college life, and to prepare fot it.

In my college life I would like to go to San Diego State University next fall. I plan to major in psychology and become part of the crime department as a doctor in the F.B.I. or the C.I.A. I have grat success in helping people with their problems, especially friends or family members. That's why I'm sure that I can be a doctor in psychology.

My overall grade point average is 3.01 I am not happy with my grades; in my freshman year and sophomore year, I did well but this past year as a junior I relly didn't work that hard to keep my grades up. But I'm sure I will finish high school much better than last year. Now I realize how important is to me and for my future to go to college. In my spare time I like to be with my friends, listen to rock music, and play football.

As I mentioned before, I am bery interested in the field of psychology. Im not sure how though this area is to be successful in, but I'll sure try my best, and work as hard as I can. I have a dream to finish college, be the best person I can be. I want to marry, and have children. But I want to give a good life to my family, live in the best conditions, and I know that to achieve that goal I have to pass college first. My parents have always supported me, they have told me the values of college. and now I can se the true value of college education.